How to use Destiny Currency, Complete Info PS4 Xbox One

 How to use Destiny Currency, Complete Info PS4 Xbox One

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Bungie’s brand new sci-fi IP and biggest title of 2014, Destiny is now available on retail shelves across the globe. Now that the universe of Destiny is fully populated, this games seems to be a lot of fun.

There are various types of Currency in Destiny. These will help you buy better equipment and gears for an enhanced gaming experience.


How to use Destiny Currency And Factions:


When you reach level twenty you will get access to the cloaks with the faction’s logo. You will find Dead Orbit and Future War Cultin the Tower Hangar and New Monarchy in Tower North.


The main Currency in Destiny is Glimmer, it can be used to buy armors, weapons and also various Bounties. You can earn Glimmer by completing objectives or selling items also. Players can get Bounties from from the Tower Plaza, Vanguard or Crucible tokens.

Vanguard Marks and Crucible Marks

To get Vanguard Marks (100 per week), a player has to reach atleast level 18 character with Daily and Weekly Heroic activities, high level Strikes and exchange of items with Vanguard Quartermaster. Crucible Marks (100 per week) and also require level 18, can be used to get advanced equipment or by exchanging items with the Crucible Quartermaster.


You can get Bounties by grinding and farming in PvE Bounties which gives Vanguard Marks or finish other Guardians in PvP matches to get Crucible Marks. Bounties have Reputation and can help you unlock various equipment.


Engrams also prove to be highly useful in destiny, they need decoding. To decode an Engrams use the Cryptarch NPC in the Tower Plaza. This will help you improve Reputation with the NPC. You can also buy other Engrams of advanced quality.

Mote of Light

After reaching level twenty Destiny players will get the Mote of Light. You can use Mote of Light to get Legendary Gear from The Speaker in the Tower North.