How to use Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Machina’s Skills, Attacks, Defence and Upgrades To Win

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Machina is a seventeen-year-old boy with dark hair and green eyes.

But do not make a mistake of taking this teenager for granted as he can take on even the strongest of opponents with the mixture of magic as well as fighting skills.

Machina Kunagiri

How to use Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Machina’s Skills, Attacks, Defence and Upgrades:


When used Machina’s skills in the correct way, players can get the most out of this fierce character. Machina has a skill called the Siphon Sword with which he can literally gobble up his opponents Ho levels. The next stage of this skill is the Darkside, this skill wields high damage to the enemies as Machina continuously attacks multiple enemies causing them to stun half way. You can get a balance of his skills by using both Darkside and Cyclone Drive, which will inflect damage as well as help in self healing.


The biggest advantage of Machina is the Combo Bonus which can be used at the early stages where his skills are not much developed. Be sure that you do not miss out on Machina and use his skills well.


Machina can prove to be highly useful as a powerful melee player with a high HP level, he has higher defence stats which helps him last longer in battles. If you know how to tackle his skills and balance them, this character can prove to be game changing in bad situations.


The two main skills for Machina which can be upgraded to the fullest advantage are Cyclone Drive and Awakening. As mentioned earlier Cyclone Drive helps in delivering high damage. With Awakening you can restore all the lost HP along with his regular blades converting into Furious Blades. You can upgrade Awakening to Flinchproof Awakening which will help him attack while taking damage and decreased AG cost.