How To Use Parry in For Honor

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In the For Honor, using the Parry can be proved to be a one of important factor of your survival. You can use the Parry to drain the stamina of opponent so that you can win the toughest battles easily. The following guide shows how to parry in the game.

For Honor Counter Attack

How To Parry in For Honor:

The first thing you should keep in note that blocking and parrying are the two different things in the For Honor. Blocking only blocks the attacks of the opponent to neutralize the damage while Parrying drains the stamina of the opponent.

To use to the Parry, you need to lock onto the target with the left trigger and get in the stance with your opponent, which could be an opening for your opponent to use the weapon to attack, so you need to match it using the block symbol at the bottom of the screen. If you get attacked, press the RT or R2 on the controller and let them hit you.

Once they attack you, your opponent’s stamina gets drained a lot, which makes your opponent weaker so that you can take them down easily. If you fail to execute Parry properly then it would be considered as the block, which could also cause some damage to your stamina.

Be cautious that your opponent can Parry too and you need to change your stance often so that you don’t want to be the predictable victim to your opponent. Keep practicing until you master the Parry as it will be much more helpful as you progress through the game.