How to use Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Rustboro City Gym, Lavaridge Town Gym, Petalburg City Gym and more

Read this guide to earn the Gym Leader badges in Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire. The IV generation game in the Ruby and Sapphire Series of Pokemon is filled up with battles, action and fun. As you earn the badges you can make Pokemons up to the different levels to follow your orders, regain your Hp and other benefits. Here are tips you can use to defeat the trainers for various cities.

“The setting and plot of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are mostly the same as the original Ruby and Sapphire games. The player character has just moved to the Hoenn Region with his/her mother, as their father Norman has been hired as a Gym Leader for the region.”

Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

How to use Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Rustboro City Gym, Lavaridge Town Gym, Petalburg City Gym and more

Rustboro City Gym

Rustboro City Gym uses Rock type Pokemon. Roxanne is the Gym Leader over here. She has with her Geodude and Nosepass. Use Pokemon with grass, water, fighting and ground attacks. Can team up Mudkip or Treecko. You’ll get Makuhita in this Gym. After beating Roxanne you get her Stone badge leading all the Pokemon in the level 20 to obey your orders. And get TM39.

Lavaridge Town Gym

All the Pokemon used at the Lavaridge Town Gym are of the Fire type. So the best defence is to use the set of Water type Pokemon. Flannery is the new Leader but has all the fierce Pokemon. Also be ready with Pokemon having some psychic and flying abilities as Lavaridge Town Gym uses Medatite. Give the fighting Pokemon Bulldoze TM for power loaded attacks. Flannery has 26 Slugma, Numel and level 28 Torkoal, having the ability to Overheat that creates immense damage so used well trained Pokemon that is quick at its moves. Defeating Flannery will give you power that will make the Pokemon upto level 50 obey your commands and earn a Overheat TM.

Petalburg City Gym

Norman the Petalburg City Gym Leader uses a level 28 Vigoroth and long with 2 Slaking -1 at level 28 and the other at 30. Tese are the Normal Pokemon. For beating Norman use Fighting Pokemon or a Rock Smash type. You get TM for Retaliating skill for defeating Norman, Balance badge getting control over the Pokemon upto level 60 and HM03 or Surf.

Sootopolis City Gym

Wallace the Gym leader of Sootopolis City Gym, uses all the water Pokemon. He has a team of 5 – level 44 Whiscash, Seaking, Sealeo and Luvdisc along with a level 46 Milotic. Use some highly powerful potions against him. Have the Grass types and electric types. Defeating Wallace will get you Rain Badge which means all the Pokemons will be under your control. You can use Waterfall outside the battle.