How to use the Builders Perfectly – Fallout 4 Contraption DLC


The Contraption DLC is all about the Workshop Tools that players can explore and build settlements with the help of new items added. This DLC features Builders which are Factory machines used to expand your settlement. If you have the right items then the Builder can expel large quantities of food, weapons, and other useful objects. This Fallout 4 Contraption Guide will show you how to make the best use of Builder and get items.

How to use the Builders Perfectly

How to use the Builders Perfectly

There are players who are going to use this DLC item as a plus point to build a good settlement while the rest will be messing around and try something new. We are here to guide you so that you know everything about a Builder and then try the unusual stuff that you always do. Let’s begin with the basics:

The Builder can be found inside Workshop Menu, Manufacturing, and Finally Machinery. There are 10 Type of Builders you will find and each have their purpose such as:

  • Basic Objective – Builder
  • Armor Forge – Armor
  • Weapon Forge – Weapons(Basic)
  • Auto-Loom – Clothes
  • Energy Weapon Forge – Energy Weapons
  • Heavy Weapon Forge – Heavy Weapons
  • Ammunition Plant – Ammo
  • Explosive’s Mill – Mines or Grenades
  • Pyrotechnic’s Mill – Fireworks Mortar Shells
  • Food Processor – Food

Now to Build a Factory take any of the above Builder you like and let’s get started. Taking Food Processor for example we need 15 Power which normally needs One large and one Medium generator. In order to get started, you must see all the machines are connected to each Builder Conveyor. It’s time to link the same generator with the computer terminal.

You need to start feeding them so that they can break down the item into the product you have assigned them to. Take the Smallest requirement thing for the start and then start feeding the Builder. If you have Two Builders ready and they are producing the same items then try to create a loop by filling with maximum components to get the fast processing. Now that you know how to goof around with the builders, so ahead and start messing around and built something crazy.