Hunting Down the Final Clues – Deus Ex Mankind Divided Walkthrough

Once you are back to Prague from GARM facility in Mission 13, Miller will ask you to meet him, but you also need to meet Alex at LIMB. First Meet Vega at the clinic and watch the cutscene. Later, make your way inside the TF29’s office to know our main mission. The Cities are locked down and Police is shooting anyone on their site so make sure you know how to avoid them.

Hunting Down the Final Clues Walkthrough

Hunting Down the Final Clues Walkthrough

As per Vega, she needs some time to analyze the samples and till then you can meet Miller who will provide you a new Objective to ambush Dvali’s territory. So let’s see how we manage to dodge the Dvali Guards and the Police on the streets.

Enter Dvali Territory

You need to first get to the Red Light District alive by passing all the way through the police barricades. if you are trying to go the Lethal way then make sure you are properly upgraded and equipped all the ammo you need. Once you make it to Dvali’s territory, try to stay low here as this is the heavily guarded area then the rest. Make your way to the northern yard to find the open Window and get inside the apartment. Miller will soon contact and update you about the Territory status.

Find Radich’s Office

Now that you know where to search inside the building go ahead and make your way to the theater where Dvali guards are patrolling. Your main job is to sneak all the way to the Radich’s office and hack the computer on the first floor. Get ready for some action as the guards are on high alert and of you alert them then the gang is all set to take your down. Simply take cover and take everyone down one by one.

Find Radich’s Security Room

You need to head back towards the balcony area after taking down the guards and keep moving to the marked location. Once you get down to the northern side of the building there are a couple of more robots waiting out there. Simply take them down with the EMPs and then use the computer in the balcony area to turn off that enemy.

Finally, you will find Radich and Otar at his office(if they are alive), take them down and use Radich’s computer to know everything about the next terrorist attack. Inform Alex and Miller about the same and it’s time to leave the building. If you want to can sneak out, but if you are in a hurry then simply run and get the hell out from the main building. Just make sure outside the Police are on high alert so do not take any risk there.

Get to your Apartment

Once you’re out of Dvali’s territory, use the Subway to Southern Prague and get to our Apartment. Talk Vega and update her about the next terrorist attack in London and wait until Miller contacts you back and update to head to Chikane’s Helipad and fly with him. So get back down to the streets again and fly off with Chikane. Thus completing the walkthrough and continue with the next part – Securing the Convention Center or check our Deus Ex Mankind Divided Wiki Guide to know more about the game collectible locations, tips, tricks, keycodes, Passwords and much more.