In MGS V: The Phantom Pain How to Get “FOXHOUND” Codename and Other Codenames

 In MGS V: The Phantom Pain How to Get “FOXHOUND” Codename and Other Codenames

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Do you need to unlock the Foxhound Codename in just 6 simple steps? Codenames are nothing but titles that are unlocked at the end of the missions. Codenames have no practical, but it’s a nice display of power and skill in FOB situation. Here is how you unlock the codenames likes Foxhound, Bat, Puma and much more in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

MGS V: The Phantom Pain

How to unlock the Foxhound Codename
To unlock this codename all you need to do is complete 3 missions in a row with Stealth Mode. This means Perfect Stealth, No Kills, No detection, No alerts in three consecutive missions.

There is also an alternative way, You can complete same mission three times and achieve the goal. Make sure you have mission 14 unlocked, try on mission 14. Complete This mission 3 times in stealth mode. Follow the below steps to unlock the Codenames.

Step 1:
Select Mission 14 with the Northern Spawnpoint as your Start point.


Step 2:
You need to guard Viscount, so take a Silent weapon for this mission. Use loadout 2 and 3 and bring only 1 weapon.


Step 3:
This is no Time limit but, you need to stay hidden. Try Going left of the first prisoner and from there to North to Viscount.

Step 4:
Once you reach where the Viscount is guarded. You need to extract him and do not kill the guards but, try using the stun baton(Extract the guard as well).


Step 5:
After extracting all three, call the chopper nearby after sending DD to attack others. you can also try escaping the zone to end the mission.


Step 6:
Repeat the same three times in a row and you’ll unlock the Foxhound Codename. ?


Other 26 Codenames to Unlock

Number Codename How to Unlock
1 OCTOPUS Use a tranq gun to tranq the guard
2 BEAR Use CQC to take out the guard
3 PUMA Use hold-up to take out the guard
4 BAT Use D Dog to take out the guard (use stun baton D-Dog)
5 OSTRICH Use D-walker to take out the guard(use non-lethal weapons)
6 HAWK Use a helicopter to take out the guard(sleeping gas preferable)
7 BEE Shoot the guard with a handgun
8 MANTIS Use a knife to take out the guard
9 SCORPION Use submachine guns to take out the guard
10 PIRANHA Use a shotgun to take out the guard
11 DOBERMAN Use assault rifles to take out the guard
12 RAVEN Use the machine gun to take out the guard
13 WOLF Use a sniper rifle to take out the guard
14 SHARK Use a missile launcher to take out the guard
15 ORCA Use a grenade to take out the guard
16 TORTOISE Use a truck and run over the guard
17 CHICK Unlocked if you haven’t completed Mission 06 after three missions
18 CHICKEN Use the chicken hat at least once in the last three missions to unlock this
19 FOX Avoid detection in the last three missions
20 EAGLE 90% of the enemies neutralized in previous three missions were done with headshots
21 SPIDER Use lethal placed explosives (mines, C4) to neutralize most enemies
22 HOG Use D-Horse to neutralize most enemies by ramming into them wild riding
23 HOUND Use D-Dog’s ‘Do it’ command to neutralize most enemies
24 BUTTERFLY Use Quiet to neutralize most enemies
25 OSTRICH Use D-Walker to neutralize most enemies
26 WHALE Neutralized most enemies by bombarding through Fire Support

NOTE: These will reset your current FoxHound runs if you select to change the codename to any other.