5 Tips On How To Infiltrate Forts In Assassin’s Creed Origins

In Assassin’s Creed Origins you will be visit a fort every now and then. These are the locations where you might find your next target, killing bandits, taking down captains, etc. The forts are usually heavily guarded, and you have to use the Eagle Vision to properly spot locations of all guards around. Later you can plan your own strategy to enter and take down the target. In this guide, you can find tips to enter these forts easily and take down enemies.

Infiltrate Fort Tips

Tips To Infiltrate Forts

Forts will be available during the quest and also when you are exploring the open world game. With the help of below tips, you can plan out a strategy with minimum risk.

Infiltration Is Best In Night: In Assassin’s Creed Origins, the guards in the forts are more active in the day than in the right. So it is necessary that you go in the dark only. There is ability Dawn & Dusk that cause 1 Ability point. Get this ability at all cost at the beginning itself. When you are near a fort using this ability you can simply turn that day to night. In dark, you can easily tackle more enemies without raising alarm. If you spot any guard sleep take him down instantly.

Avoid Forts With Many Captains: At the beginning, if you have a low character level it is not recommended to enter the forts which are having more than one captain. Some forts are having more than one captain, if you are ambush you will fail in the task.

Scout Well: Use the Eagle vision properly scouting all sides of the forts, so you are aware about all the guards’ locations. This is a plus point, if you plan to go in stealth mode, you can slowly crawl to a safer point after killing the enemies. You can also hide the bodies to avoid alarm by other soldiers. Eagle vision will also help you to spot down treasure chest, this will save your time. You can eliminate a lot of enemy from distance using bows.

Focus On Objectives: You will see the objectives to complete on the top left side, keep the focus on that and achieve them, this will reward you the extra bonus. It is always useful to complete that objective because it increases your XP reward that will help you to increase your level really fast.

Avoid the Prisoners: In some fort, you will spot a few prisoners in the cage, avoid freeing them unless you are done completing all the objectives. If you free them they will be spotted by the soldiers and this can raise an alarm.

So these are some few tips you can try out when you are infiltrating a fort. In case you are caught or ambushed by soldiers, you will have to things to do. First, you can instantly escape the place and return later to fight them back when thing are quiet. Second, you can try to target the weaker guards first and hide somewhere to follow stealth plan. For more tips on the game, you can read our Assassin’s Creed Origins Wiki Guide.