Inside – Collectible and Secrets Location Guide

Playdead’s Inside features a number of secret areas and collectibles hidden in various areas. Collecting these collectibles will help you get the Secret Ending of the game. This guide will show you where to find all the collectibles and its location. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Collectible Location and secret areas.

Collectible and Secrets Location Guide

Collectible Location Guide

There are 14 collectibles in the game and once you reach the end of the game these Collectibles can be tracked on the large board near the huge Orb. The Collectible are small-sized black orbs with lights which are hooked with yellow cables. These power cables can be seen outside the area so you can track them down easily. After collecting all the Orbs you can destroy them near the Huge Orb and see one is still blinking which takes you to the Secret Ending Area.

Orb 01: Murkey Waters – The Forest

While being chased by the Dogs near checkpoint 6, you will jump into the lake and start swimming left instead of right. Get Down and then explore the new area where you need to drop the log to make the bridge and grab your first collectible.

inside-collectible-location-orb-1-1.jpg inside-collectible-location-orb-1-3.jpg

Orb 02: Field Research – Cornfield

Continue to checkpoint 7 at the Cornfield area and once you reach the Cornfield start pressing the action button until you grab something. This is nothing but a vault door which takes you down in the bunker.

inside-collectible-location-orb-2-1.jpg inside-collectible-location-orb-2-3.jpg

Orb 03: WEE WEE WEE – At the Farm

After Running across the rooftop, you will jump on a wagon full of dead pigs. You must Drag the Wagon on your left instead or Right. Pull the plank out and then enter the Farmhouse. Grab the Rope inside, climb up then swing on your left to grab this collectible.

inside-collectible-location-orb-3-1.jpg inside-collectible-location-orb-3-2.jpg

Orb 04: Left Behind – Near the City

You will come across the part where you need to throw the safe off a plank to make your way in the City. Once you throw the safe, head down the Hole and head left where the yellow power cables are following. Open the vent to find the Orb inside the secret room.

inside-collectible-location-orb-4-1.jpg inside-collectible-location-orb-4-2.jpg

Orb 05: Obscure Foundations – In the City

As you reach the broken down signboard and jump after sliding down, you must head down instead of going up. use the ladder on the left to climb down and come across the new hidden area with the Orb and an Audio Tape(Useful for Secret Ending).

inside-collectible-location-orb-5-1.jpg inside-collectible-location-orb-5-2.jpg

Orb 06: Friends in Low Places – In Depths

The area before 30 in the Depths you will smash the door with the Submarine to enter the Flooded Room with Stairwell ending. Swim down and dislodge the crate with the submarine charge and head down to the new area where you see the Mind control gadget. Use the Gadget to Throw the Slave on the Submarine then With the Charge up so the Slave can reach the other Mind Control. Get back to the First Control and grab the gadget.

inside-collectible-location-orb-6-1.jpg inside-collectible-location-orb-6-2.jpg

Orb 07: Tableau – Across the Beach

At the End of the Submarine Journey where you head right after breaking the Wooden planks, you must head left until you see two pipes. Here charge on the Pipes twice to break it and then use the ladder to climb up and grab the Orb.

inside-collectible-location-orb-7-1.jpg inside-collectible-location-orb-7-2.jpg

Orb 08: Pack Mentality – In the Mines

During the Puzzle where you need to gather 20 Slaves, you will come across the Area where you free the 3 Slave from the Booth hanging up. While returning, use then to pull out the planks so that you can enter the Secret area. Climb down and use the torch to defend yourself against the pack of wolves.

inside-collectible-location-orb-8-1.jpg inside-collectible-location-orb-8-2.jpg

Orb 09: Respite – After the Bridge

As you enter the water from the Chamber where the Water Creature starts following you, climb up and open the Vent from the Extreme Right to call her this Side. Then Jump jump into the water where you came from and start swimming left to find this secret area.

inside-collectible-location-orb-9-2.jpg inside-collectible-location-orb-9-1.jpg

Orb 10: Unfathomable – The Flooded Base

From the Point where the Water Creature drags you down and you get the unlimited breath power, swim right and you’ll see the yellow cables. Swim from the room until you get the free area to swim down. To Open the door you must rotate the middle lever first then pull the tab, enter the area and grab the collectible.

inside-collectible-location-orb-10-1.jpg inside-collectible-location-orb-10-2.jpg

Orb 11: Clockwork – Facility Entrance

You Must rotate the piece to cast a shadow directly in the middle of the panel. Head back left and jump down to a Pit. Now swim down to the underground lake and find this orb on the right.

inside-collectible-location-orb-11-1.jpg inside-collectible-location-orb-11-2.jpg

Orb 12: Room For Reflection – In the Facility

In the Room with floating Slave bodies, where you head underground to find the push box and bring it all the way up. Now instead of using the box to progress, start pushing it to the extreme right to press the panel. Once the platform is lowered use the Box again to press the Panel and jump on the Platform to take you inside the secret room.

inside-collectible-location-orb-12-1.jpg inside-collectible-location-orb-12-2.jpg

Orb 13: Office Space – In the Facility

The Last Orb is near the elevator puzzle, where you get to the bottom of the shaft to bring the elevator to the top level. Use the Slaves to Push you up near the Black Wall just like shown in the image below. Climb up and use the second set of slaves to Push you up and grab the collectible.

inside-collectible-location-orb-13-1.jpg inside-collectible-location-orb-13-2.jpg

Orb 14: The Last One – In the Facility

Once you have all the 13 orbs you can reach this checkpoint from the ladder which you used to climb down, but here you will climb up and get inside the secret room. Head inside the large sphere to deactivate the lights and unlock the Secret Ending. Head out of the sphere to get the 1000 Gamerscore.

inside-collectible-location-orb-14-1.jpg inside-collectible-location-orb-14-2.jpg