Into The Frozen And Tallneck Walkthrough – The Frozen Wilds

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wild begins in the northern mountains. The expansion introduces a new story where you will be just exploring things around. The first quest that is listed under the Side Quest in games menu is Into the Frozen Wilds which is nothing more than an introduction of Banuk’s Tribe and bad things going around. There is one important activity Tallneck Frostfigures, where in order to update your map you have to repair this massive machine.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wild

Into the Frozen Wilds Walkthrough

The Frozen Wild Northern Mountains

To start the new story head to the Northern Mountains, once you reach the location go the campfire to quick save the game. on the left of the campfire, you have to climb up on top of the mountain, and walk towards the right side. You will meet Yariki. Talk to her and it will trigger a multiple choices conversation, later look around for supplies. While taking she will tell you about the Cut, it will trigger a new side quest Into The Frozen Wilds.

Into the Frozen Wilds: Side Quest

Into The Frozen

Once the side quest begins, you will hear Sylens voice, get to the marker, and you will spot a Daemonic Scorcher. Use Hardpoint Arrows on the glowing part of beast to take it down. You will have to dodge really fast, the machine is quiet powerful and as speed in attack. Killing it will give you Metal Shards, Scorcher Lens and Wire. This will also increase your Level. Follow the map to reach the next point, also keep gathering items in your path for crafting. You will reach a cave, which is the actual beginning of The Frozen Wilds. After you cross the cave, there will be two Banuk Guards on left, cross them and meet Burgrend. After a short cut scene, talk to Burgrend for info. This completes the quest.

Tallneck Frostfigures Walkthrough

Before you start with the side quest in order to play the main quest ahead, it is best head towards the Tallneck quest which is on the right end of the map. This will update the map you will be able to track down a lot of objectives through it. once you reach the point you will see the scavenger machines, you will have to repair Tallneck in order to update the map. So first kill the scavengers around. Scan the machines for getting info about the weak parts, the one that you will face at the beginnings are easy to kill, you can quietly go from behind and destroy them.

After killing the machines on ground there will be two in the sky – The Glinthawk. To bring them down or lock into a place, you can use the Ropecaster arrows. Use a few of them and lock them down, then you can attack them from near. After destroying two Glinthawks go near Tallneck.

Find Missing Tallneck Parts:

Find Missing Tallneck Parts

After scanning the Tallneck you will have to find three major parts Array, Stabilizer and Actuator are missing. There will be three markers on your map now. Each of these locations are having scavengers machine around, so you have to go slow. Just follow the objective marker and you will reach each of the parts one by one. but avoid getting into a fight with a group. After killing the scrappers near a mountain with a flag you will get Array. In similar manner there will be two more. Avoid the enemies in your path, try to pass them in stealth mode. The Stabilizer will be inside a cave, kill the machine inside and collect the same. in the same cave you will also find a Bluegleam, it is a rare valuable resource, to do not forget to collect it. it will help you to earn powerful weapons and armor by trading with specialized merchants.

Find Missing Tallneck Parts 1 Forzen Wild Map Update

Outside the cave in your path you will get a Mine Launcher take it, and head to the final marker. This will help you to distract and kill the enemies. Carry it near to the machines and let them spot you, as they come towards you try to launch as much mines possible. do not get into mine range. The mine launcher will make you slow but it is a pretty good weapon to clear your path. You will have to climb up on the mountain for the final part where you will face three Glinthawks. Use the rope caster arrows to bring them on ground. After getting all the parts get back to Tallneck, and repair it. Climb over it and update the area map.

So this is where the first part of the DLC story ends, you can read our walkthrough on the next quest The Shaman’s Path where Aloy’s objective is to find Ourea. For more such guides and tips on the game you can also read our Horizon Zero Dawn Wiki.