How To Unlock Jackal’s Gaze Legendary Warrior Bow In Assassin’s Creed Origins

Bows and arrow are one of the most crucial weapons in Assassins Creed Origins, and you will be using it a lot for getting headshots. Now there is a very powerful bow in the game that can throw up the enemy in the air while shooting. It is one of the finest quality weapons you will find in Assassins Creed Origins. In this guide below you can find steps in locating the powerful bow.

Legendary Bow Unlock Guide - Assassin's Creed Origins

Where To Find Legendary Warrior Bow – Jackal’s Gaze

The weapon is a Legendary Warrior Bow, a Level 40 weapon that offers Quality-95. It can cause 1056/s damage offering great precision and bleeding on-hit damage. Also, it can shoot multiple arrows and it consumes but with Health on Hit perk you can charge your health meter back. It is possible to get the bow earlier in the game. You can also use the bow to block enemies attack.

How To Get The Legendary Bow


In Level 15 Main Quest Scarab’s Sting, you will reach a house of an informant. As the quest begins you went to a brewery to and talk to a man Harkhuff, who is an informant and he will take you to his home. He will then push a pot and open up an opening in the wall.


As you pass through the crack, on your left side on a table you will find some scrolls. While interacting you will get a side Level 15 Side Quest – Smoke Over Water. This is where you will get the Legendary Warrior Bow. Accept to add the entire side quest in your log, next Track it to begin.

Smoke Over Water Side Quest


As the side quest begins, find Amosis near the Docks, and talk to her. Next, you will have to find Jeska by fighting and killing some hippos in the lake. Next, you will have to escort her to her village. As you reach you will find the village is attacked and burned, there are many soldiers in the area. In the next objective you will have to kill the looters, and as it is completed you will see a cutscene where Bayek will pick a bow from the ground to save Jeska. The bow that Bayek picked up is the Jackal’s Gaze.

So this is how you can get Jackal’s Gaze Legendary Warrior Bow in Assassins Creed Origins. For more accurate headshot to can buy Enhanced Warrior Bow Skill for 2 Ability to enhance its power more. Do share your views in the comments below how you like the weapon and for more guides like this. You can read our Assassin’s Creed Origins Wiki Guide.