Journal Notes Location – Uncharted 4: The Thief’s End

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In Uncharted 4 The Thief’s End, Nathan Drake will explore the ancient Tombs, Long lost treasures by the Pirates. There are Tons of treasures scattered all across the map and you must collect them all. There are hidden Journal Notes in Main Chapters of the Uncharted 4 and this guide will show you the exact location for all the Journal Notes and where to find them.

Journal Notes

The Journal Notes will be the part of your main campaign, so you must keep your eye wide open and explore every bit of the area. We will be sharing the Images of all the Journal Notes according to the area and the chapters respectively. Once you have gathered all 23 Journal Notes then you’ll be rewarded with ‘Lost History’ Trophy.

If you have any doubts then do shoot them below in the comments. Make sure you visit our Uncharted 4: The Thief’s End Wiki Guide to know more about the Game such as the Walkthrough, collectibles location, tips, tricks and Easter Eggs. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Journal Notes Location in Uncharted 4.

Where to Find all the Journal Notes

Chapter 8 Journal Notes Location


Chapter 9 Journal Notes Location


Chapter 10 Journal Notes Location

uncharted-4-journal-notes-chapter10-location-1.jpg uncharted-4-journal-notes-chapter10-location-2.jpg

Chapter 12 Journal Notes Location

uncharted-4-journal-notes-chapter12-location-1.jpg uncharted-4-journal-notes-chapter12-location-2.jpg

Chapter 13 Journal Notes Location

uncharted-4-journal-notes-chapter13-location-1.jpg uncharted-4-journal-notes-chapter13-location-2.jpg

Chapter 14 Journal Notes Location

uncharted-4-journal-notes-chapter14-location-1.jpg uncharted-4-journal-notes-chapter14-location-2.jpg

Chapter 15 Journal Notes Location

uncharted-4-journal-notes-chapter15-location-1.jpg uncharted-4-journal-notes-chapter15-location-2.jpg uncharted-4-journal-notes-chapter15-location-3.jpg

Chapter 17 Journal Notes Location

uncharted-4-journal-notes-chapter17-location-1.jpg uncharted-4-journal-notes-chapter17-location-2.jpg

Chapter 18 Journal Notes Location

uncharted-4-journal-notes-chapter18-location-1.jpg uncharted-4-journal-notes-chapter18-location-2.jpg uncharted-4-journal-notes-chapter18-location-3.jpg uncharted-4-journal-notes-chapter18-location-4.jpg uncharted-4-journal-notes-chapter18-location-5.jpg uncharted-4-journal-notes-chapter18-location-6.jpg

Chapter 20 Journal Notes Location


Chapter 21 Journal Notes Location


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