Just Cause 3: Easter Eggs and Hidden Secrets Guide

 Just Cause 3: Easter Eggs and Hidden Secrets Guide

Just Cause fans know how well the developers are good with keeping the hidden secrets just like the Lost Island Wreck, Bubble Gun Weapon, and the Banana Fail message in Just Cause 2. Just Cause 3 has more to offer in the 400 square miles of Medici. This Guide will share all the Easter eggs and Hidden Secrets in Just Cause 3 and how to locate them in the game.

Easter Eggs and Hidden Secrets

We have seen different types of Just Cause fans where some are interested in completing the game where other are the explorers whose mission is to explore the lands and uncover the secrets and Easter Eggs, but here we met a different case where a player actually dug into the Just Cause 3 files archives in order to know the secrets. What you are about to see is more than comprehensive than you have ever imagined. *SPOILERS AHEAD*


There are approximately 71 ‘game_hash_name’ files and each file contains the Hash, Byte Offset, Size, Dcomp Size and Path of the game files. When you open these files in a text editor, search for keywords like “easter“, “easteregg” and “secret“. And there you Go all the results for the Easter Eggs in Just Cause 3.


You can try to hunt for them as we did and succeed with most of the location we have shared below. In the list, you will see a two-handed weapon called ‘PogoStick’ which is in the Capital City located in Region 03, which is Insula Striate and Capital City in that region is called City Di Ravello and it’s located in Regno, but unable to locate this weapon. We have Some interesting Secrets and Easter that we encoded and marked with location below.

Bolo’s Banana Stand

The Bolo’s Banana Stand can be found in ‘Citate Di Ravello’. It is just beside the road and the location is shared below. You cannot kill the Person inside the Shop but definitely blow it up with multiple shots.

just-cause-3-easter-egg-bolo-banana-1.jpg just-cause-3-easter-egg-bolo-banana-2.jpg just-cause-3-easter-egg-bolo-banana-3.jpg

Mr. Snowman

The Snowman can be found in the middle of nowhere in Costa Sud Province. The Location is share below and it is just a Snowman’s idol which cannot be destroyed by any weapon or skills. Simply go there and take a snap with him.

just-cause-3-easter-egg-snowman-1.jpg just-cause-3-easter-egg-snowman-2.jpg just-cause-3-easter-egg-snowman-3.jpg

Mile High Club Airship Crash

Mile High Club was a civilian nightclub and brothel, which boasts a bar and dancers in Just Cause 2. In Just Cause 3 the Mile High Club is shown completely ruined by the Airship crash. Check the map location below in the image to locate the Mile High Club and Just a few Kilometers away you will find the Ground Base which is our Next Secret: Under Water Crash

just-cause-3-easter-egg-mile-airship-crash-1.jpg just-cause-3-easter-egg-mile-airship-crash-2.jpg just-cause-3-easter-egg-mile-airship-crash-3.jpg

Under Water Crash

To the northwest, from the airship is a “Mile High Club” ground base. This was also the Part of Just Cause 2 where you have to complete the Mile High Club missions in order to get to the Ground base. Check the map location below in the image to locate the Under Water Crashed Mile High Club.

just-cause-3-easter-egg-underwater-crash-1.jpg just-cause-3-easter-egg-underwater-crash-3.jpg just-cause-3-easter-egg-underwater-crash-4.jpg

Thor’s Hammer

The Thor’s hammer looks can be found in Grande Pasture Province in the Insula Striate region. The location is shared below and the images of the Hammer as well. You are unable to interact with the Hammer, but don’t know if we can with some mods in near future.

just-cause-3-easter-egg-giant-hammer-1.jpg just-cause-3-easter-egg-giant-hammer-2.jpg just-cause-3-easter-egg-giant-hammer-3.jpg

Stargate Teleporter

Stargate Teleporter performs like a portal from one place to another. You need to input the right code in order to enter the space tunnel. There are 4 buttons you need to press to open the tunnel and correct order is 143421. And then jump in the Portal behind you. Enjoy your ride.

just-cause-3-easter-stargate-1.jpg just-cause-3-easter-stargate-2.jpg just-cause-3-easter-stargate-3.jpg

NerdCubed Reference

NerdCubed is one of the most Popular YouTuber who is famous for making funny videos and also popular in the Just cause community. Check out the Builder here(N 40 43 807 E 5 39 391) to look at his Logo.

just-cause-3-easter-nerd3-1.jpg just-cause-3-easter-nerd3-2.jpg just-cause-3-easter-nerd3-3.jpg

Soapbox Car Challenge

Enter a Soapbox Car from here(N 40 49 127 E 5 40 668) and get the furthest while going downhill and over ramps. A fun ride to go some off-track of the game.

just-cause-3-easter-soapbox-1.jpg just-cause-3-easter-soapbox-2.jpg just-cause-3-easter-soapbox-3.jpg

Duck Boat

A “ridable” big yellow duck can be found at N 40 46.473 E 5 43.414. Have fun with your new ride.

just-cause-3-easter-yellow-duck-1.jpg just-cause-3-easter-yellow-duck-2.jpg

The Viral – “What color is the dress”

If you go on top of one of the apartments in CITATE DI RIVELLO you can see these two women on top of one of the main apartments.

just-cause-3-viral-1.jpg just-cause-3-viral-2.jpg

Weeping angels

There are 3 statues that you’ll see circled around and as soon as you get near the goat and turn around the 3 statues will move and there was a fourth one will appear from no where. You must check out this scary place. The Coordinates are N 40 47.922 E 5 40.823

just-cause-3-easter-egg-weeping-angles-2.jpg just-cause-3-easter-egg-weeping-angles-1.jpg just-cause-3-easter-egg-weeping-angles-3.jpg

More Easter Eggs to Come….

If you have found any then do let us know in the comments below.