Just Cause 3 Ending: How to Defeat Di Ravello in less than 1 minute

There are many different ways which players may choose to end the game. If you are in a bit of hurry to end the Boss fight then you have come to the right place. We are gonna show two types of methods which will end the Boss Fights within seconds. Check out this Just Cause 3 Ending Guide on How to Defeat Di Ravello with the easiest method.

How to Defeat Di Ravello in less than 1 minute

Sebastiano Di Ravello is the generalissimo of Medici and the main antagonist of Just Cause 3. As you return back to your Motherland Medici, you notice that Di Ravello has conquered and ruled the land. He has evil plans on world conquest, which is why his military has so many large bases. So you decide to take this general down from your Motherland. As you progress and come to the end for the Boss Fight with Di Ravello we try to make it smooth and easy with these two methods.

How to Defeat Di Ravello

Method One(Beat Time: 15 sec)

As you start the Final Mission, the Good General is flying his shielded, gold-plated Urga Mstitel. No need to worry for weapons or anything, just one Grapple Hook and your work is done. All you need to do is wait for the shield goes down, attach the tethers onto the ground and the helicopter then retract and Boom! you emerge victoriously.

Method Two(Beat Time: 5 sec)

If you didn’t like the first method, we have another easy method which will end so soon that you will hardly notice any start time. This is a bit risky method. you need to take cover as you perform this method. All you need to do is call for Rebel Drop: U41 PTAKOJESTER(4th in Planes section) as soon as the mission starts. Then take cover behind the rock which is just at the right. Boom! there is your completely unexpected victory. Check the video below for more accurate position.