Just Cause 3: How to fly infinitely without any Mod

 Just Cause 3: How to fly infinitely without any Mod

We have seen many players struggling to stay on the air for long, that is why we decided to share this simple trick which you might have missed during your start. This Just Cause 3 Guide will show you the tips and tricks to help the player to fly infinitely and stay more on air to cover the area.

How to fly infinitely

How to Fly Infinitely

You must have wingsuit unlocked before you start using this new trick that is you must complete the first part of the game. Now as you must have learned you use your parachute more often then this will be just a piece of cake. You must try to handle the parachuting and wingsuiting that will allow you to stay moving in the air and even gain altitude.

Step 1:

Parachute into the air

Step 2:

Switch to wingsuit and hold S to pull up

Step 3:

Once you get the max height of wingsuit switch to parachute again

Keeping repeating this pattern and you can fly anywhere. Make sure you avoid getting close to the ground while wingsuiting as it may scrap said ground and lead to a crash. Hope this Guide must have helped for all those who are struggling with flying.