Just Cause 3: Where to find Squalo X7 location Guide

 Just Cause 3: Where to find Squalo X7 location Guide

Squalo X7 boat is now located in Just Cause 3 and you can use it for your gameplay. It is a Hell faster than any other boat and speaking about the fastest it is also dangerous if you could not handle the turning. This Just Cause 3 Guide will provide you how to locate the Squalo X7 location and how you can use it well in the game.

Squalo X7 location Guide

Where to find Squalo X7

To Locate you the Squalo X7 boat you must Fast Travel to a small dock in the western part of a lake in Libeccio which is by the border between Libeccio, Rocca Blau, and Maestrale. The Coordinates are N 40 48.035 E 5 35.824. Check out the image and the location on the map below.

just-cause-3-squalo-x7-location-4.jpg just-cause-3-squalo-x7-location-3.jpg

How to Get Squalo X7 as a Rebel Drops

The location where the boat is located is kinda hard to get it to a garage. Also, the Boat is way to heavy to lift with a helicopter or pull with most vehicles. We recommend to use the tether with all the gear mods unlocked and pull it along the ground to the garage in vista dracon(the best place to take it safe).

just-cause-3-squalo-x7-location.jpg just-cause-3-squalo-x7-location-2.jpg