Keyboard And Mouse Controls – Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is a massive action-RPG and combat plays an important role in it. PC players are finding it a bit difficult to perfect the Combat Keyboard controls. To fix this issue Warner Bros has released a full Keyboard control for Middle-earth: Shadow of War. You can check it out below. The controls are divided into two section – Combat Controls And Ranged Controls.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Keyboard Controls

Combat Controls provides keys combination that you need to press to activate a specific combat in Middle-earth: Shadow of War. For example – for Ground Execution you need to press LEFT sHIFT KEY + LEFT MOUSE BUTTON, and many others. So what I would advice you is to first master these combat and ranged controls and then make your way into the battlefield.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Keyboard And Mouse Controls

Combat Controls

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Combat Keyboard Controls

Ranged Controls

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Ranged Keyboard Controls

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is out now on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game has been very well received by critics – they praised improvements made to the gameplay and the nemesis system, however few story elements and the addition of loot boxes and micro-transactions has received negative votings. Our review for the game will go live shortly, so do come back to check out what exactly we think about the Middle-earth: Shadow of War, the sequel to Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.