King’s Quest 2015 Chapter 1: A Knight to Remember Cheat Codes

King Quest once again returns with the new quest. Remember the Last King’s Quest: Mask of Eternity in 1998? It was once of the classic series from the golden era of adventure games. This is a complete reboot and will start the new episodic video game series. It will release in five parts, As per Odd Gentlemen & Sierra we have only the Chapter 1 unlocked for now called “A Knight to Remember” and the other four are yet to be announced later this year. So here we give you the list of all possible cheats codes of King’s Quest 2015 Chapter 1.

King's Quest 2015

Note: There is no Guarantee that these cheats will 100% work(e.g.- god mode).

To Enter the following cheat codes you need to bring down the game console. Press ‘shift-ctrl-7’ at the same time. Try with both the shift button simultaneously if it doesn’t work. It’s the same way we used in the earlier parts of King’s quest.

Once you get the Console, it will ask you to enter the password. You can now enter the cheats in the console and press enter. You won’t be able to play until you press the same key to exit the console. Remember all the cheats should be entered in lower case.

  • adam
  • alias
  • bump
  • conCollide
  • console
  • exist
  • god
  • handsOff
  • jeffo
  • leslie
  • listActive
  • lookup
  • mask
  • noConCollide
  • run
  • setFirstPerson
  • setThirdPerson
  • show
  • teleport
  • testCast
  • ungod

Easter Eggs:

  • ruth
  • welch-piel
  • oscar
  • rocket

These cheats will work only with PC. For Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 there is no confirmation yet.