Kolibri Pistol Unlock Guide – Battlefield 1

 Kolibri Pistol Unlock Guide – Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 features a brand new weapon called Kolibri Pistol. It’s a very small gun but very effective and, most of all, despite of its look it’s a real weapon, that was really used throughout World War I back in the days. Here’s all you need to do is complete the tasks that are required to unlock the weapon.

Kolibri Pistol Unlock Battlefield 1

To get your hands on the pistol, you must reach rank 10 within the multiplayer and spend a total of 150 War Bonds to unlock it in the side-arm section.

Keeping it as realistic as possible, the Kolibri does very little damage, with each bullet only dealing four points of damage, more if you hit them in the noggin. Again, it’s pretty quick and smart, but if you’re expecting a high damage weapon you could look for something else.

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