L.A Noire Outfits Guide

In Team Bondi’s L.A Noire there are a total of 9 outfits that detective Cole Phelps can wear as he solves cases in Los Angeles City. Some of these outfits are achieved through downloadable content whereas others are obtained after by players after reaching a certain rank.

LA Noire

We have listed below all outfits that Phelps can wear along with the hint to achieve it.

NOTE: Gamers can only access these outfits for Phelps when he becomes a Detective.

List of Outfits:

The Outsider
To Unlock: Reach Rank 13

Sword of Justice
To Unlock: Reach Rank 3

Golden Boy
To Unlock: When you start the Traffic Desk cases.

To Unlock: Reach Rank 18
Effect: Take an extra dose of damage and stay standing

Sunset Strip
To Unlock: Reach Rank 8

Chicago Lightning
To Unlock: Sign up to the Social Club
Effect: Shoot “straight” with the Thompson and the Shotgun

The Broderick
To Unlock: via DLC
Effect: Hit harder and take more punches before going down.

The Sharpshooter
To Unlock: via DLC
Effect: Shoot “straight” with the Garand and the Colt .45

Button Man
To Unlock: Collect all DLC Hidden shields.
Effect: Carry extra ammo for all weapons, just in case.

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