Legend of The Heroes: How to fix Crash issues, Blue Screen, Audio, Video and Lag issues etc

Legend of The Heroes is a complete series of role playing games developed in various stages. Follow this guide if you are facing any issues or errors while playing any Legend of The Heroes game.

We have put together a complete guide which will work for the whole series for PC.

Legend of The Heroes

Here are the solutions for Legend of The Heroes issues:

DLL error

If you are facing errors related to DLL’s, CLICK HERE to download DLL files. Any issue related to DLL errors will be fixed.

Startup Issues

Startup issues indicate that your system is not fulfilling the minimum set of requirements needed to run this game. Ensure that your system meets the minimum requirements. Once you do that reinstall the game and run it.

Crash issues

This can be considered the most common issue that the gamers are facing, the solution is to update all the related drivers including the DirectX driver.

Lag and Video issues

As a basic ritual, update your graphic card drivers to the latest versions. To check of you have a video driver type “dxdiag” in the run dialog and go to Display. Next is to check for screen resolution, use a lower number, if you are still facing the issue be sure that you close all the background programs before launching the game.

Audio issues

As a basic ritual, update your sound card drivers to the latest versions. Check for volume levels and proper connection of the output device to your PC.

Blue Screen of death

Get rid of the blue screen from the task manager and update your graphic card driver. Then go to Computer > Properties > Advanced > Startup and recovery

Button configuration issue

You need to have administrator rights to configure the buttons. Get those and you can configure the buttons to suit your needs.