Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild Combat Tips

Combat is an essential part of Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild. Link can carry various items and weapons to fight with creatures scattered around the open space. There are few things that you can gather like a wooden branch to fight with low-level creatures. You can collect their weapons and use them in fighting with others. The guide deals with necessary combat skills like parry, or dodging an attack and then unleashing a heavy counterattack to bring the enemy down.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild Combat Tips


You can sneak behind enemies and take them down with one blow. Now this works well on many low-level enemies around. Just sneak behind any creature and press Y for the stealth kill. This is also good to avoid any kind of alarm in a larger group.


Enemies follow a linear pattern of attack, for example attacking with some weapon directly or swiping it around. Now at the last moment when you are about to touch the weapon, hit the X button to dodge it. This will help you to avoid the attack along with it will activate the Flurry Rush that is pretty awesome. You can then hit Y for the counter attack. Now the next important thing is Guard. As soon as an enemy charges, hit the A button to deflect the attack.

Flurry Rush:

Flurry Rush is quiet helpful in causing heavy damage to the enemy. For using flurry rush, look towards the enemy and figure out its attack direction. Then jump and press Y to trigger a flurry rush. There will be a short slow motion that will allow you to give a good counter attack on the enemy.

Killing Multiple Enemies:

Now there are things around you can use to take down multiple enemies together. For example, if you land into a camp, like a skull cave, look for pumpkins lamp inside. Shoot them with a bow and it will blow up the explosive barrels inside. In the same way, if you are in an open ground, look for a honey bee nest around. Hit it with a bow and it enemies around will run away. In a similar way, you can use large rock boulders push them below, or use a remote bomb. Always look around before entering into any new area, you might get explosive barrels, use a fire arrow to create an explosion. Another smart way of killing multiple enemies is first letting them chase you, and then throw a bomb behind. Second, you can stand on a high location like on a pillar and use an arrow, or throw a bomb on them.


Hold L + A for a parry attack. It makes your shield vulnerable but a powerful attack against enemies. The parry attack will shun the opponent for a while and then you can use multiple counter attacks to take them down. It is found to be effective against guardians also. When they attack you with a laser, use the parry attack to counter. This not only saves you but throw the attack back on the guardians destroying their health. You can use this as an effective combat style against many big enemies.

Head Shots:

This is best when you are trying to play in stealth mode. For example, if you are hiding behind a rock and you notice an enemy ahead, take your time and use an arrow to take a head shot for a single kill. Many enemies around are having hit points that cause double damage to them. This also relies on the weapon you are using. You can also throw a weapon on the enemy by hitting the R button.

Weapon Damage:

All weapons designed in the game are prone to some wear and tear. You will notice a message on the screen you broke spear or sword, etc while using the same. It is necessary to safe guard them and uses them when require. Weapons which are easy to gather should be used first if you are planning to throw it on the enemy. So the strategy must be to use a weakest first if you are a pro in dodging and then using the powerful one.

Know your Weapon:

Well a few in the start like an axe or a spear is easy to find. You can kill the enemies and take their weapons as well. But in further level when you will be facing tougher enemies like bosses you must know what weapons to use at the time. The inventory has a limited space, so you cannot just carry everything. Talking about the weapon types there are various in the game. Some are one handed and some can be used on both. The benefit of using two handed weapons is you get an add-on benefit to defend yourself. The types of weapons are Swords, Spears, Axes, Clubs, Wands, Bows, Boomerangs, rocks, etc. An Axe has a wide attack range, while Boomerang is good for taking down single target in nearby location. Bow is good to take down single target at long distance while club give you a close wide range.

This short guide will tell you a lot about the combat things in the game. And once you ace that you can simply handle a horde of enemy or larger opponents effortlessly