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Destiny 2

In this Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid guide, you can find a full walkthrough, puzzle key, and solutions for different part and enemies. The Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid is a challenging Milestone, it will test all your skills. You have to pass through combats and puzzles to play this part. Look for the requirements below, the raid requires at least 270 power levels, but higher means better performance. The Raid is more like proving your power to the Cabal leader, so better power levels means good standing in the battle.

The Leviathan Raid - Destiny 2 Walkthrough

The Leviathan Raid Requirements: Only The Fireteam Leader may launch this Activity

  • Location: Nessus Orbig
  • Fireteam: 6 Players
  • Recommended Power: +270
  • Potential Rewards: Powerful Gear
  • Milestone: Leviathan

Walkthrough The Leviathan Raid

The Start

After you land outside a massive castle, you have to run into a portal ahead, so if you want you can skip the enemies in your path. They will not attack. Save your double jump, you will need this after passing through the portal because it is a long jump. Go on the second level and use the portal to land into a new area heavily guarded by enemies. This new location is Castellum.



After landing, go up to the portal that will take you to Castellum. Again skip the guards in your path and cross the door, and turn left, keep on running till you will reach a massive open area. This is the place where guards will attack you.

The Illuminated Key Puzzle

Inside you will have to collect three banners to unlock the door ahead, so you have to deploy at least three member of your team to locate them one by one. Just look for the wide plate embedded with a symbol on the ground, after collecting these three banners you will be able to activate an illuminated hound that will be the key to unlock the door ahead. Follow a simple strategy, send three of your members to locate the banners, they are easy to find and all are in the same area, once you get the first one you will see the enemies will start attacking you and number will keep on rising till you find all of them and get the hound. Keep three of your team members for defending. You will be surrounded by Cabal ads; you have to be alert here, once all your team members collect the key get back to the main plate. For each key there is a Cabal Standard Bearer who is defending the keys, you have to kill them, gather it and come back to the main gate.


After three phase of fights, use all the three keys and you will get a box. This will reward you with Legendary Engram, Calus’s Shader and Emperor Calus Token. Cross the reward box and keep running towards the left, then turn right towards a big statue and you will see the next part of the raid, Royal Pool.

Royal Pool


This place has around 5 plates’ that is located in the four corners and one in the center. you can spot a purple orb on each of them and it will offer you ‘Psionic Protection x 50’ that will let you walk over the water for some time. Tell all your team members to stand on the plate together to begin the activity. Also, there are three sets of three chains in the area, you have to mark these locations. You will need them later.


After 5 guardian’s stands on the plate, the activity will begin, you will see Bather spawning up, they are pretty tough ones, and they have a big health bar and carry two axes. You have to dodge their attacks, you can use grenades and melee abilities to take them down. Try using heavy weapons also. There will be smaller bathers also around and as you move back to the plate the Bather will spawn once again. Try staying on higher grounds. A lot of bathers will span around as you step on the plat. You have to kill the big one first. Guardians will have to occupy the four plates in the corner, you can leave the center one. You can use the orb to get immune to the water for some time to attack the bathers. All plates except the center one must be occupied for a while. You will see the chain is descending down, but when you leave the plate it will go up. So you have to stay on the plate till it touches the bottom. In between you will also have to deal with the bathers, among the 6 guardians two will be free to move, so they can help out those who are under heavy attack.

This will be a long fight, you might have to retry a number of time due to very high number of bather’s attack you. Once you are done occupying the plates and chain touches the bottom run towards the center plate and step on it. Now you have to destroy 9 lanterns with purple light in this room and there will be an army of Bather’s attacking you. Once you destroy all the lantern’s the activity is over a chest will appear in the room. You will get 6 Emperor Calus Token and Acqueduct key. Get back to Castellum, the place from where you had started.

Castellum 2

This one is similar to the first one, you have to again destroy Standard Bearer to get 3 keys that will ahead open door that leads to the chest. The room will be filled with cabals, so you have to play with strategy. Send a team to acquire the key and let others defend them. It will save your time. you will have to collect these keys and bring it on the main key plate to open the door, the cabals will try to stop you from all corners, so leave a team near the main key plate for defense. This is not as tough as Royal bath. Once done you can collect some Glimmer from the chest.

Pleasure Garden


As you enter the Garden you have to kill down enemies in your path and then walk towards the massive golden statute ahead. Communicate with two of your teammates to simply carry the orb and charge it up. It will also let you protect a beam of light in the area that can be used to kill enemies. Walk the statue feet and you will see an opening that is like a safe room. Leave the teammates holding the orb that will project the light and tell others to go down in the room and pick the purple pollen. You have to take care that your teammates must not be spotted by the Royal beast. So do guide them properly where to move. The War hound’s Psionic Howl will reset your progress, and you have to begin things back again. Once the team mates reach near the flower, use the light beam, and shoot the flower, this will increase your team’s strength. You have repeat this two to three times till there is enough power build up.

Now the powered up team must attack the Warhounds, now there is a catch here, if the monster spots your teammates, you get one minute to damage them and run back to the safe house that is below the statue. keep on repeating this process till all Warhounds are dead. There are around 6 of them in the area. The safe room will lock after you three attempts so do play strategically. Once done you will get Irrigation key, you can loot the chest on the top where you can get some random loot and Emperor Calus Token.

Castellum 3

You have to return back to the main area, fight the cabals and collect the key to unlocking a door that will take you to the next challenge Gauntlet. Here you can follow the same process of dividing the team into two parts, one which will be locating the keys and other defending it. You can get some glimmer in the treasure chest at the end.

The Gauntlet

Once you are done the above part, you have to move ahead and jump into the round platforms. This will summon enemies in the area, you have to kill them up and fill the meter that is situated under each pillar of the room. After doing this you will see there are two orbs that will spawn in the area, send two of your team members to pick it. As they pick the orb, it will move them in the tunnels. Now you have to pass through the tunnels and cross the gates with rows of circles. Anyone who is able to find the red one has to tell others. Now the team will have a limited time to shoot the glowing triangles corresponding to the gates. This will clear the path for the team members who are running through tunnels, you can set two of them to do this job.


After that, the members who are carrying the orbs have to throw the orb in the energy fountain ahead. You will have to complete this a few number of time, till the entire team can grab an orb from the middle and run through tunnels. Once the team throws the orb in the energy fountain this part of game is over.

Emperor Calus

In this final part of this game, you will be heading to Emperor Calus’ throne room. To start the battle you have to shoot a cup he is holding in this hand, and you will see a lot of enemies will start spawning around to fight. Three guardians will be pulled into a different purple dimension that will be fighting with a massive head of Calus and the other three will be left back in the throne room dealing with the enemies around. There will be 4 Psions that will spawn, with symbol on them avoid doing any damage to them.

Guardians who are fighting with the massive purple head of Calus will see different symbols on its forehead. Players will have to shout the symbol they see and guardians in the throne room will have to locate it. They must kill the Psion who is having the exact same symbol called you. This will reduce the barrio that is covering the massive head. Calus head will project skull projectiles, and you will see orbs that you can use to go back to the throne room. All must climb to glowing platforms in the throne room. This will reward the Guardians a Force of Will buff. Now you can shoot at Calus. Move to the glowing platform and keep shooting. You will also have to take care to avoid his attacks at all cost. He is very strong and can wipe your entire team in a single blow. Keep repeating the process until he dies.

So this where the Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid Challenge is over, you can also read our Destiny 2 Wiki Guide for more tips and updates on the game.