Mission 5: Liberation Walkthrough – Call of Duty WWII

In the previous Mission S.O.E, the US army was able to stop the train that was carrying missiles to target Paris, in mission Libration, you will be playing first as Rousseau and then back as Daniel in a long fight to liberate the city from Nazi rule.

Mission: Liberation Walkthrough - Call of Duty: WWII

Liberation Walkthrough (Paris, France)


In the cutscene at the start of the mission, you will see the US platoons are not working with the Resistance. After which you will be playing as Rousseau, look once for the cover story, remember the Name, Residence, Commander, and Purpose. Follow Crowley, and the guard will ask you questions. Wrong answer means fail of the objective. If you are asked your purpose of visit, pick Travel Documents.

Search for Officer Fischer


Once you enter the building, cross the stairs, and take the door on the extreme left side. as you enter there will be two soldiers on the left of the door. You will have to once again cross the door on the left and you will find an office near the map. Go and talk to him, by picking code Phrase. He will ask your purpose of your visit, then choose – Polzefuhrer Heinrich. Next select – Fischer. He will give you the location of the officer. Do not forget to collect the Memorandum from the table.

Find the Basement


After talking to the officer, get out and take the first left and another one in the left end. A soldier will lock the same and walk away, follow him quietly and wait as he stops to read a paper. Acquire the key and enter the basement.

Search the Basement


On your right there will be few soldiers’ playing cards, there is a Memorandum on the table next to them. Collect that and then wall towards the officer with a glass of drink in his hand on the left side. Choose Code Phrase here, and he will ask you the papers and ask your name – Answer: Gerda Schneider. Once done pick Fischer, for info the officer. He will tell you that the officer is on the second floor. Before going to the second floor you can do a few good jobs, walk towards the door where a soldier just pushed women, kill him to save her. Next go ahead and you will find a sleeping guard, you can free the prisoner. Or else you can directly go to the second floor. Walk towards the end of the basement and you will find stairs.

Find Your Contact


Go upstairs and you will find a door, enter that and on your left, you will reach a communication room. go to the second room and you will find officer Fischer near a lamp. Choose the Code Phrase, and he will give you the answer. Once again choose Code Phrase, and then follow him.

Enter Heinrich’s Office


The officer will tell you to the office on the third floor, the receptionist on the desk will stop you before you enter. Talk to her and then enter. On the table, you will find another paper. Open the window on the left side. as you open the officer will appear. He will make you sit and ask you some question. For the first question choose – Spiegel. After being attack kill the officer. Move from the window and meet Fischer, in the room by entering through another window.

Rendezvous with Crowley

After taking the briefcase move quietly down, from the stairs on the left side. go down and then turn left, cross the soldier who will once again ask for your paper. he will ask you to place the briefcase for inspection, choose I’m late for a meeting. Luckily Crowley will be there to help. Now you have to be hidden in this objective at all cost.

Place explosive on the North Gate & South Gate:

Jump down, and quietly kill the soldiers in the path while moving towards the North Gate. You have to use a suppressed weapon to avoid raising any alert. So go slowly, if you shoot anyone and got spotted you will be targeted from all angles. Go towards the marker, and plant the explosive. Next, go towards the south gate, you can move from the building, but take cover and go. There will be many soldiers in your path along with some guarding the gate.

Assault the Garrison

Move only when you see the explosion. The road will have many soldiers around, you will get a lot of help from grenades in this part. Use the cars for taking cover, the best way to spot enemies is following your platoons. By staying behind the cover will protect you from the sniper. This will be a long fight, as the area will be a lot of soldiers guarding the premises. You have to play slow, as you reach the next point again you will engage into a fight with more soldiers. Next, follow Crowley.

Clear the Building

In order to strengthen your defense, you will have to clear the building. Crowley will take you to a building, and he will give you a Combat Shotgun. As you enter the hall you will spot some soldiers, kill them and then move on the top floor. On the second floor, you will find another room which you have to clear, there are few soldiers in it. cover yourself from one that has a gun machine. Do not shoot the soldiers who surrender or else the objective will fail.

Defend the Garrison


Once you are done clearing the room, take the sniper, and shoot the driver of the vehicle. Once done shoot the left ones and keep taking down more in the path. you will have to kill all the soldiers who are trying to cross the bridge ahead. Next, there will be a flamethrower and a sniper on the building kills them. Use the grenades for enemies who are coming too close to the building, there are ample of ammo around. After getting attack jump down, and crawl towards the Panzerschreck. Blow up the jeep ahead, and then again kill the leftover soldiers in the path.

Once done go towards your squad, and the mission Libration is over. You can read our walkthrough on the next Mission Collateral Damage that will take you to Aachen, Germany. You can also read our Call of Duty: WWII Wiki guide for more tips and updates on the game.