How LiF: YO Owners Can Get into the Life is Feudal: MMO Beta


If you’re like me and have a copy of Life is Feudal: Your Own collecting dust in your Steam library, I have some good news for you! While support for the stand-alone game has dwindled lately, Bitbox have been working hard on trying to get the Life is Feudal: MMO iteration up and running. It launched a beta this weekend, that, while called an Open Beta, is more Closed than Open. However, owners of Lif: YO on Steam, are able to try out the new version. Unfortunately, it’s not a very straightforward process, and even the official guide has some holes in it. So, in the spirit of sharing, below are some tips on how to get yourself into Life is Feudal: MMO.

1. Create a Life is Feudal:MMO Account

The first thing you’ll need is an account at the Life is Feudal website. This isn’t something you typically already have, unless you’ve registered on their forums in the past. Simply visit their website, click the “Account” link in the top right, and create a new account.

How LiF: YO Owners Can Get into the Life is Feudal: MMO Beta
Create AccountLife is Feudal • Fair Use

2. Link Your Steam Account

How LiF: YO Owners Can Get into the Life is Feudal: MMO Beta
Steam Ownership • Fair Use

Once you’ve created an account and logged in, you’ll want to head to the “Account” menu and visit the “Settings” page. You’ll see a number of oAuth links on the left-hand side. Find the Steam icon and click it. You’ll be forwarded to a Steam login page. Once you’ve authenticated, you’ll end up back on the Life is Feudal account page and have the ability to click a “Verify Steam YO Ownership” button. Once that’s done, you should see a message similar to the screenshot on the right, indicating that you are in fact a Life is Feudal: YO owner.

3. Download the Launcher

Now we get down to the nitty gritty, and also the step that the existing guide fails to explain well. You may or may not see a “Game Download” button on your account page. In my case, I did not. You can, however, just download the launcher directly, from the following download link:

4. Install the Game and Play

Once you’ve downloaded the launcher, install it to a location of your choice. You will be able to specify the exact download location of the game at a later stage. Once in the launcher, log in with the account created in step 1. Note that the launcher lets you choose between the NA and EU regions, and seems to allow you to install two separate instances. Make sure you pick the location you intend to play on and install the game. After that’s complete, you’ll be able to launch the game and create your character.

How LiF: YO Owners Can Get into the Life is Feudal: MMO Beta
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Hopefully this guide has helped you get into the Life is Feudal: MMO beta!