List of all Turrets in Star Wars: Battlefront Guide

 List of all Turrets in Star Wars: Battlefront Guide

Turrets in Star Wars Battlefront are used as a killing infantry and destroying the vehicles. These Turrets are well scattered throughout the map well some just spawn only in a specific location. Here is the List of all the Turrets and their details in Star Wars Battlefront.

Star Wars Battlefront

Types of Turrets


One of the common Turret is the E-Web which can be found in all four planets. These have a standard firepower with decent damage to enemies. You can either use the Stationary blaster to attack which makes your rear and side section open to attack or else do not use this at all because if your flanks are unprotected it is recommended to avoid using it.



The ATgar-14 is a powerful turret used to fire in complete 360 degrees, but it is limited to move up and down which makes you vulnerable to attack. You can use this Turret to target your enemies and Vehicles like low-flying aircraft. The Firepower is Slow, but if you manage to aim your enemies properly it provide a very good damage.


DF-9 Turret

A fully covered and Safe Turret in terms of defending yourself from your foes. This turret lack with the continues firing due to its overheating, but the good thing is it can rotate 360 degrees and fire. Similar to the ATgar-14 Turret, DF-9 also has the limitation with aiming up and downs which make the player aim at a certain range.



The Best turret so far in Star Wars Battlefront is the Turbolaser which provides a massive damage to the opponents in Survival Mode. This Overpowered Laser Turret has the overheating issue so you better focus in the meter below. Being an anti-vehicle turret, it is mostly used to take down the AT-ATs and the Tie Fighters.