List of All Weapons in Star Wars Battlefront

 List of All Weapons in Star Wars Battlefront

Just After the Star Wars Battlefront Beta was ended, some crazy Star Wars Fan Studied the Beta Files till the Core End and pulled out some Valuables Information which will be added in the Full Game Star Wars Battlefront. So Here we have the List of all Weapons which were not included in the Beta and will be the part of the Full game Star Wars: Battlefront.

Star Wars Battlefront

Note: There might be a Possibility of Changes in the Real game as these have been added/changed since the beta build was completed.

Weapons in Star Wars Battlefront:


The RT-97C is a versatile heavy blaster, fitted with optics to allow use at long range.


A280 has been adopted by the Rebel Alliance as its main battle rifle as it is a sturdy and powerful blaster rifle. It provides a high rate of fire, excellent damage and long range reach.


The SE-14C is a blaster pistol that fires 5-round bursts, making it ideal for close-quarter combat.


The T-21 is a robust heavy blaster that delivers massive damage at long ranges. Its only drawback is its slow rate of fire and lack of optics.


The CA-87 is a retro-fitted Jawa blaster that is nearly useless at medium and long range, but extremely deadly at short range.


The EE-3 is an optically fitted Blaster Rifle capable of 3-round burst fire at long ranges.


The DH-17 make it an ideal weapon for medium-range combat as it is a fully automatic blaster pistol with a rate of fire, along with reasonable accuracy.


The DLT-19 is capable of pinning down troops and taking out large groups of enemies. It is a heavy blaster with an excellent rate of fire that deals heavy damage at long range.


The DL-44 delivers massive damage at close range, but overheats quickly but yet it is one of the most powerful blaster pistols in the galaxy.


The E-11 is ideal for use in all environments as a powerful and accurate blaster rifle it has been adopted as the standard weapon of the Imperial Forces.


A280C is a powerful blaster rifle and it was the favored weapon of Alliance commandos. Modified from the A280 rifle it is a high rate of fire and excellent firepower.


The T-21B is a more refined version of the T-21 model, a slower fire rate to ensure high precision at long range and with added scopes for zoom capability.