List of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Reckoning Glitches

 List of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Reckoning Glitches

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Reckoning was released on August 4, 2015 on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Sadly, the release of Reckoning DLC was not as smooth as Xbox community expected as there are lot of noticeable Glitches. The good thing is that these glitches does not harm the game but yeah some are easily noticeable. We are still waiting for the latest update or patch from Activation to fix this issue.

Below are the list of the Glitches discovered so far in the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Reckoning DLC.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Reckoning

Glitches with Decent Map of Exo Zombie Mode:

Zombie Invincible Glitch:

This is a very funny glitch. You can actually spot the zombie in an invincible mode near the stairs of Galleria. When you start walking up the stairs you can notice the zombie will get stuck and you can’t even kill them. They somehow get the invincible mode and not even affected by the gunshots.

Limitless Rounds Glitch:

This Glitch is barely noticed in Xbox 360. In the Triton’s Island, you can jump above the Entrance/Exit of the Spa Room. You can actually double jump and stick above the Door where Zombie cannot reach(Obviously). And this you help to get the Higher rounds.

The Teleport Wall Glitch:(Spoiler Alert!)

Some might get the Glitch and some might not. Xbox one players have noticed the glitch majorly. Ok, So When you hear from Oz saying that ‘he has taken control over the Teleportation System’ you can go to any corner and crouch until you are been teleported to the Decontamination Zone from the Wall. Wait there for few sec and you will be Teleported back to the corner but sometimes it’s the Wall glitch and you will be stuck inside the wall. You can attack the enemies/Zombies and also might take some damage.

Out of the Map Glitch:

This Glitch is only seen in Overload Map in Multiplayer.You can actually go beyond playfield of the Map. Just Go near the Speaker to the right of the Pool area. Double jump on the speakers and then jump in the air turn right Sprint and Jump again to the right corner where you can spot the out of the map place.

If you have noticed any Glitches in the Game do let us know.