List of Unlockables in Dragon Age Legends for Dragon Age II

Sometime ago Bioware launched facebook game called “Dragon Age Legend” which allow gamers to play along with friends and also to unlock various items which they can transfered to Dragon Age II. Many fans of Dragon Age II are not aware of this and don’t know what unlockable items they can achieve in Dragon Age Legends.

Dragon Age 2

We have listed below all the unlockable items that are there in Dragon Age Legends, along with tip and tricks to achieve it.

Check them out below, here is the list for you:

Air of Confidence

  • Complete the quest Secure Fort Elim to earn Air of Confidence
  • Type: Ring
  • Stats: +1 willpower, +7 Health

Evra’s Might

  • Learn how to build your castle in the tutorial to earn Evra’s Might
  • Type: Ring
  • Stats: +18 attack , +3% physical damage

Evra’s Trophy Belt

  • Reach Freylen’s Peak and complete the quest Vantage Point to earn Evra’s Trophy Belt
  • Type: Belt
  • Stats: +2 health regeneration , +3% physical damage, +2% damage resistance

Ivo Family Crest

  • Defeat Raspin and complete the quest The Rascal Raspin to earn the Ivo Family Crest.
  • Type: Amulet
  • Stats: +10 Health, +1 Armor

Dura’s Blue Flame

  • Will be given on March 25th to celebrate someone’s birthday
  • Type: Amulet
  • Stats: +23 Attack , +10% Fire Damage , +10% Cold Damage