Lizard’s Mask And Lizard’s Face Walkthrough – Assassin’s Creed Origins

Crimson Dragon

In the previous Quest: Pompeius Magnus And Hyena, Bayek was able to find and assassinate Hyena, one of the members of Orders of Ancient, and now he heads towards his next target The Lizard. Recommended Level to play this chapter must be around 23 or higher, so it would be easier for you to tackle the enemies in your path. In this chapter The Lizard’s Mask, Bayek goes ahead on his mission to find who is the Lizard and also fights with a huge Snake boss. In the next Quest Lizard’s Face, once Bayek knows the identity of his targets he went ahead to assassinate him.

Lizard's Mask Quest Walkthrough - Assassin's Creed Origins

Main Quest The Lizard’s Mask Walkthrough

Reward: 2700XP

Speak to Pasherenptah in the Great Temple of Ptah:

As you begin the objective it is recommended to activate all the fast travel points in the region, you will earn around 200XP for each of them. So spent some time to activate all if you had not done them. Next head to the Temple of Ptah.

Read the Seer’s house and Speak to Taimhotep:


After talking to the high priest, you have to head to the Seer’s House. There will be a short objective of carrying the cauldron in the ritual circle. after the cutscene you will have to walk towards the torches ahead, keep moving and you will reach into a tomb. Keep running in the end, for the next cutscene.

Fight the Snake: Anubis

After the cutscene you will see a massive snake, fortunately, you have your bow and arrow, on a ship to kill that snake. It will spill poison on you. You have to dodge the attack, there is a white line breeze which seems more like the snake’s breath that is the direction from where the snake will attack you. Next, it will jump on you look for the glowing golden color right on the corner of the screen. At all cost, you will have to dodge the attack. And when you have a chance hit on the head. You will have to follow this pattern as you get a chance to keep shooting on the head. The snake has a nice amount of health.


A good amount of health is gone when the snake jumps towards you, the health regen is slow here, so you have to ace yourself in dodging the attacks. You can also hit the glowing parts of the snake, that is the head and below it. all those shining parts can cause damage. after losing half of the health, you will see a cutscene, and once again the final phase of the fight begins. The fight will be fierce when the snake has very low health left, try taking cover behind pillars. Once the snake is dead, you will have to swim towards a rock ahead, this will trigger a cutscene.


After that, you will be a farm, run towards the sun for a while, and then there will be a short cutscene and then another one. Return to Taimhotep. Aya will join you, you have to take her to the Temple of Ptah.

Bring Aya to the Temple of Ptah by Boat

Once you are at the temple you will have to investigate the sickness behind the Apis Bull. On your right, there is a person talk to him first, use Animus pulse to locate two more targets ahead. One is the sacks, the food of bull and another is on the right behind a wooden door that you can break and find Peach Pits. This completes your investigation. Once done get back to Aya.

Find and Rescue the twin’s brother – Panchrates


Next objective is to save the brother of twins from the bandits, head to the marker. Use the eagle vision to marker down all the enemies in the Temple of Hathor, you will be facing Level 20/21/22 bandits in the area. So mark the area properly with all the enemies’ locations you can spot the boy on the floor. Once you have the locations, you have to move slowly towards the target. As the area is heavily guarded it will be no smartness in ambushing. You can use arrows and kill enemies on isolated spots so that your movement gets easy. There are many who are standing at the corners and on the top side of premises.


The place where the boy is has two guards you can use the Eagle to distract one first and shoot the other one. in this way, you can reach the boy and save him. Also look for guards who are moving towards the dead bodies, if they found one they will raise an alert. You will find your target inside the pool, you have to carry it back home. You will have to walk through the water tunnel, there will be snakes and crocodiles around.

Main Quest The Lizard’s Face Walkthrough

Reward 2250XP

After getting intel from the boy follow and speak to Aya. Now there will be a race, you have to reach the Royal Palace before Aya does. So just ride towards the palace. Once you reach the palace, follow Aya on foot. In the next cut scene, Bayek will get more info about his next target.

Find Hetepi among Anubis priests and Assassinate Him


Next, you will see multiple markers ahead of you, if you had activated fast travel, reach the region, and use the Eagle vision to lock down all the guards in the area. There will be around 4 Priest in the Great Temple of Ptah, marked all four of them along with the guards, and enter the temple. The priest is wandering around in the temple area, you can spot them easily using the Eagle. Your target wears a Blue Scarf and has a persistent cough. As you go near the priest you will hear the coughing sound that is your target.


There are guards around him, so climb on the roof and wait for him to reach the spot where he will be doing some ceremony. Go down slowly and stealth kills him. You can also shoot him with an arrow on the head to kill instantly from the roof side if you get a chance. After killing escape the temple and get back to Pasherenptah at the Palace of Apries. You will be constantly attacked after the priest death, one safe way is Fast Travel. Before living you can play the Location objective that will offer you two side quest or head to the palace.

In the next cutscene, you will see the Aya, this ends the chapter, you can read our walkthrough on Next chapter Crocodile’s Scale or you can also read our Assassin’s Creed Origins Wiki guide for all Main and Side Quests walkthrough, tips and tricks, list of all outfits and how to unlock them and many other things.