Location Guide To Find Korok Mask In The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild

Korok is a rare item in the game in The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild that is added by a new expansion Wild The Mater Trails. The mask is inspired by fun-loving Korok that shakes when any Koro is hiding in the nearby area. Below you can find the exact location of Korok Mask in Breath Of The Wild.

Zelda Breath Of The Wild

Where to Find Korok Mask Location

You have to select quest Mast Rumors to start the hunting of Korok Mask. Head to the table and read the book on it. It will tell you about the mask location that it is hidden in a tree. So follow the below map for the location. This is the place where you will first find the book.

Zelda Breath Of The Wild

Next go to the exact below location, you have to walk near the lake to find a scary tree and inside it there is a chest where you will find the Korok Mask. If you are unable to locate it in the think go try using the magnet.

Zelda Breath Of The Wild

You can also use the sensor to track the chest in the area, there are lot of trees and thick fog around, but if you follow the above arrow you will find the chest.

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