The Long Dark – How to Get the Distress Pistol

Playing the Wintermute story mode in The Long Dark, I’d kill for a Survival Bow. Episode 1 is titled Do Not Go Gentle, and really doesn’t give players much to defend themselves. Your options are to throw Stones and Torches at Wolves that are looking to make you a meal. Beyond that, it won’t be until you meet the Grey Mother in Milton that you’ll get the Distress Pistol. This, my friends, is a game changer for the early hours of Wintermute.

How to Get the Distress Pistol

The Long Dark Distress Pistol Map
After meeting Grey Mother, explore all her conversation options until you find one where Mackenzie brings up the topic of protection. Grey Mother won’t give you her weapon, but she will point you towards the Distress Pistol.

The Long Dark Distress Pistol Location
Assuming that north is up on the map image included, the Distress Pistol is found in the middle house of a row of three. It’s to the south-southwest of Grey Mother’s home. If you’ve had the chat with her about it, the house with the Distress Pistol will be marked with an exclamation point and the phrase “Light Up the Night.”

The Long Dark Distress Pistol Cache
Head to the house and make your way inside. Go into the bedroom and turn left. You’ll see a short dresser and then a taller cabinet with a rug on the ground. Get close and look directly at the rug and you’ll see the option to Search Hidden Cache. It’s here that you’ll find the Distress Pistol.

Completing the various main quests and side quests in Milton becomes easier with the Distress Pistol. However, you can still be attacked by the Wolves in the town, so make sure you know how to make Rosehip Tea. It’ll save you considerable discomfort.