The Long Dark – Save File Location

The Long Dark has been a very stable game throughout its lifespan in early access. Hinterland has often released a test branch of the game for players to try out before pushing new content through to the stable version most have through Steam. That changed, however, with the release of The Long Dark’s Story mode. The new content was only tested internally and, unfortunately, released with bugs on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Save File Location

The Long Dark Save File Location

PC players can copy their save file to another folder on their PC to avoid a bug wiping their game. Because death is permanent in The Long Dark, the game immediately deletes your save file if you die and you must start from scratch. While that’s a cool concept for a stable game, losing hours of your time to a bug isn’t something most are okay with.

To locate your save file, open Windows Explorer, which is the window that you use to browse through the folders on your PC. Click on the View option at the top, then make sure that Hidden Items has a check in the box. Navigate to the following location:

  • C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Hinterland\TheLongDark

You’ll see several files and folders. Ignore the folders for now. Look at the listed files and you should be able to tell which are for Survival mode and which are related to Story mode. If you’re looking to back up all your save files, copy every file to different location on your PC. If you only want to secure your Survival mode save file, copy only that one. It’s self-explanatory from this point.

Let’s assume you get your character stuck in your Survival mode playthrough and can’t move. Close the game, then copy the save file that you stored away and paste it back into The Long Dark folder we gave you the path for above. Re-launch the game and your character will be back in action.

TL;DR Games covers The Long Dark extensively. Now that your save file is backed up, read our The Long Dark review of the game and see if you agree with our assessment.