Lost Prophecy Guide – How to Unlock the Weapon Forge

Destiny 2

One of the new features in Destiny 2 is the Weapon Forge in the Lighthouse on Mercury. The Curse of Osiris DLC has added Brother Vance and the Lighthouse, and he has some new weapons for Guardians if they can fulfill some of the Lost Prophecies. Many Guardians will want to get their grubby little hands on those weapons immediately, but there are a few steps to take before you can access the Weapon Forge.

How to Unlock the Weapon Forge

Lost Prophecy Guide - How to Unlock the Weapon Forge
Weapon ForgeTL;DR Games • Fair Use

The Weapon Forge can be found in the Lighthouse along the left-hand side of the room. You can’t miss the large diagram on the wall and the actual forging machine near it. Guardians, who are visiting the Lighthouse for the first time, may want to start forging things immediately, but Brother Vance won’t let you make use of it until you complete his milestones.

Complete the Story

Don’t bother skipping to the end of the line. You’re going to have to play the story missions and finish them until you have saved Osiris and Brother Vance has completed the milestone. The campaign additions in Curse of Osiris aren’t too long, so you can probably knock that out in a reasonable evening of gaming.

Complete Three Adventures

Lost Prophecy Guide - How to Unlock the Weapon Forge
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After completing the story, Brother Vance will open up Adventures on Mercury for you. They’ll trickle in one at a time through the milestone tracking. Once you’ve completed the following three adventures, head back to Brother Vance.

  • The Up and Up
  • The Runner
  • Bug in the System

Complete a Heroic Adventure

After completing three Adventures, you will be able to run heroic versions of them. These are to Adventures as the Nightfall is to Strikes. Modifiers get added and the power level of your enemies is cranked up. Pick one of the three Heroic Adventures and complete it. After that, Brother Vance will give you a few rewards, including the Lost Prophecy, Verse 1 item. This will essentially unlock the Weapon Forge and provide you with your first tasks required to forge your first weapon.

Lost Prophecy, Verse 1

Lost Prophecy Guide - How to Unlock the Weapon Forge
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Completing the requirements to fulfill Verse 1 of the Lost Prophecy is fairly straight forward. You need to find or craft one Concentrated Radiolarian Culture. If you need assistance with finding Radiolarian Cultures, have a look at our guide explaining the details. Once you’ve used the Concentrated Radiolarian Culture consumable, the Lost Prophecy, Verse 1 will be fulfilled and Brother Vance will instruct you to use the Weapon Forge. Press a button and you’ll be presented with the Verse’s weapon.

After this, you’ll be able to visit Brother Vance and pick from one of three weekly rotating Lost Prophecy Verses. Each will have different requirements, but the process is the same. Have a look at our Destiny 2 Guide Hub for further details.