Mad Max: Extreme Graphic CineMod[4K]

Mad Max is extremely well optimized for all platforms and a comparable visual quality with a relatively optimal performance. Some good news for the PC owner of this game as PC runs at a higher frame-rate you can now take the game to its maximum graphics settings with this new Extreme Graphic CineMod which gives near about 4K view.

Mad Max

Before installing make sure you have a High-performance(very powerful) PC to handle and run the game at 60 FPS, so if your machine cannot handle them don’t be surprised. Personally, I loved the game graphics as it is clean and crisp, but if you still hunting for some more of cinematic and 4K then you must check this one out and experience the level of detailing in the game.

How to Download nad Install the Extreme Graphic CineMod

You can Download the Extreme Graphic CineMod from HERE. The Extreme Graphic CineMod Red shades the game, color correction, reduces blurriness caused by post processing, and adds a more drab look to the game. Check the screenshots below of the Extreme Graphic 4K CineMod.

mad-max-extreme-graphics-1.jpg mad-max-extreme-graphics-2.jpg

The Game experience totally changes the environment looks. Also, had made my game smoother and faster. If you have any doubt with installation or regarding Mad Max Mods you can comment them below.