Mad Max: How to Capture Video Mode with Xbox Controller

Everyone is curious to know how Capture the Game mode with Xbox Controller? Well, Here we have some pro tips on recording the videos with 2 controllers one for the camera and another for Moving Max. Carefully progress step-by-step and if you have any doubt do post in the comments section below.

Mad Max

How to Capture and moving Max at the same time


  • 2 Xbox Controllers (1 for capture video and for moving Max)
  • FRAPS or Shadowplay Program(only on Nvidia GPU) to record video

Read carefully and Follow the steps

Step 1:

Plug the first controller

Step 2:

To begin with the “Capture mode” Press Left stick + Right Stick on Xbox Controller or press X+C during the game(by default) on the keyboard.

Step 3:

Start the Video mode by pressing “Y” on the controller or “R” on the Keyboard.


After the window “Capture mode” appears, you have to plug in the Second controller.

You can also use Use the second controller to move the camera and the First one to control Max.

Note: 3 cameras can be controlled by the 2nd controller.

You can also use your video capture program to record a movie. Enjoy recording and try some new trick with the controller