Mad Max: How to find the Secret Unmarked Buzzard Fortress

 Mad Max: How to find the Secret Unmarked Buzzard Fortress

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Have you ever tried exploring the unmarked areas of the wasteland map? The location shared below seems to be a Buzzard Fortress or camp which was deleted from the original story/scrap locations. unable to locate the Fortress yet? The Secret Unmarked Buzzard Fortress can now be located with the help of this Mad Max location guide.

Mad Max

This area is pretty fleshed out and includes scrap, enemies, and ammo in here. You need to Head out of the Marked region to the unmarked once of the map. When you reach there you will notice there is a big underground camp and two different ways to enter the Fortress.

Even though this is an out of the reach area, it also does have some enemies in. Always be ready to take out whatever comes in your way.

How to Locate the Secret Unmarked Buzzard Fortress

First Way:
The First way is pretty easy and all you need to do is drive north into the Big Nothing from Jeet’s Territory. There is the entrance within the rocks.

Note: As you enter be ready to Fight with few enemies. Be equipped

mad-max-firstway-1.jpg mad-max-firstway-2.jpg

Exact Location on the Map


Second Way:
The Second way is more tricky, you need to drive south of the Airport from the buzzard territory. The Entrance is down among the rocks and enemies are ready for the fight.

mad-max-secondway-1.jpg mad-max-secondway-2.jpg

Exact Location on the Map


Here is some Inside view of the Secret Unmarked Buzzard Fortress…. I know it’s more beautiful and worth exploring so check it by yourself. Enjoy…