Mad Max: How to play in First-Person mode in PC

Wondering how to play as the First person cam mode? Everyone have their different gaming style, some prefer third-person while some are happy with the first-person. Many Mad Max player have a doubt – how to play the first-person mode in PC? This Mad Max Guide will Help You to play the game in the first-person mode.

Mad Max

If you search in the Game options, there is no function or key mapping menu given to switching to the first-person mode in PC. So we decided to share this information on how to switch the cam mode from third-person view to first-person. The Game is By default set to Third-person view(normal gameplay).

Third Person View:


Driving in first-person makes the game a lot more immersive, and also more fun. To drive in the first-person, all you need to is click “V” on your keyboard. For the Consoles user, you can do it whenever you want easily. You must experience the first-person driving in Mad Max.

First Person View:


Note: The first-person view can be only available during Driving the car.

If you have any doubt then shoot them below in the comments section. Enjoy.