Mad Max: How to unlock the Unbeatable Legend Achievement

In order to unlock the “Unbeatable” Legend Trophy in Mad Max you need to perform few Ground Combats in the game. It’s very difficult to achieve the Legend trophy hence to make it easy, check this Mad Max guide that will provide you with all the tips and tricks to unlock the Legend Achievement.

Mad Max

How to Unlock the Legend Achievement

To Unlock the Unbeatable Legend Achievement you need to make sure you complete the below two objectives.

  1. Start with the Fistfight with 15 different enemies without taking any damage.
  2. To get the achievement unlocked and to pop you need to take damage from different enemies.

Few Tips to Unlock:

  • You must only use your fists to fight. Use of any weapons and you’ll have trouble completing the achievement.
  • You have to defeat 15 different enemies, but no one said to defeat them all at once right? So you better find a group of 5 enemies to fight then leave the area, and let them respawn and you fight with the same group again.
  • As you know it is well mentioned above that you need to take damage after successfully defeating 15 enemies without taking damage. You need to follow the same process by returning to the camp again and take damage, and the achievement should complete.

Locations Where Groups Spawn


Once you defeat the Group of enemies in the Fight Area, you need the camp to reset by leaving and driving to the After Fight spot below, then returning to the camp again to fight.

Fight Area:


After Fight Area:


Congratulations you have now unlocked the “Unbeatable” Legend Trophy/Achievement in Mad Max