Mad Max: Where to Find Hardball Rare Car Location Guide

In Mad Max, there are different car bodies you’ll unlock during your play through, but there are Rare car bodies which are very difficult to locate and unlock. Hardball is one of the Rare Cars in Mad Max. If you still haven’t figured out the location od the Hardball check this guide below for exact location and how to unlock Hardball in Mad Max.

Mad Max

Where to Find Hardball

The Hardball can be found near ‘The Big Nothing’. If you find it hard to locate then check the Map below for Exact location. Hardball is a very good looking and pretty fast car. You’ll be loving this car’s riding experience.


How to Unlock Hardball

Near the Location, you’ll find an old submarine wreck and inside the submarine the car(hardball) is located in the middle of the hull. All you need to do is walk towards the Hardball’s left door and smash it down. Simply enter the car nad drive you way through.


Enjoy your new ride….