Mad Max: Where to find the Car Bodies Location Guide


Everyone wants to collect the car bodies to add them in the garage and use during their playthrough in Mad Max. But these Car bodies are scattered all across the Map and they are very difficult to find with some text locations. So to ease your difficulty, here are the Maps and the car bodies screenshots shown in the guide below.

Mad Max

Die Rolla:

One of the Most used and good looking car body of the game is Die Rolla

mad-max-die-rolla-1.jpg mad-max-die-rolla-2.jpg

The Wild Hunt:

mad-max-wild-hunt-1.jpg mad-max-wild-hunt-2.jpg

Death Rattle:

mad-max-death-rattle-1.jpg mad-max-death-rattle-2.jpg


mad-max-furnace-1.jpg mad-max-furnace-2.jpg


mad-max-12.jpg mad-max-12-2.jpg

Stay Tuned… This guide will be soon updated with new Car Bodies for Mad Max.