Madden NFL 2011 Walkthrough & Guide – iPhone

Madden NFL 11 is available on App Store and it is an must to have game in iPhone. The good thing about the game is that the iPhone version of Madden NFL11 supports the resolution of iPhone 4 which makes it more realistic. The only thing about the game which can be counted in the bad point is the charge for HD version of the game which is a bit above what is expected. The owners of the iPhone 3G will be able to experience at least somewhat better graphics than the rest. The reasons is the changes in game resolution and operating system used in iPhone. Sports games have their own place in genre of video game industry. Spending a high cost of development of game on different platform is surely profitable gaming industry. This is the result of the best football game on the AppStore this, now updated with amazing graphics and a new gameplay.

Madden NFL 11

The controls of Madden NFL 11is completely rewritten for the iPhone version. With this new re-written controls and ne gameplay it has become more easier to manage new strategy. With the possibility of using accelerometer and touch screen to perform their attack you can play it more comfortably. Talking about the defense system you get total control over all the players. By pausing the game you can place the best player on the best place.

Basic Guide to Madden NFL 11

Madden NFL11 is an complete game solution which is entirely different from its older version. I had tried to provide the maximum solution on game modes, controls and strategy that you can follow. Anyhow for a sports fan the game is an easy cup of tea. As you keep playing you can unlock more new features that makes your game play more and more optimized.

How to Quick Start Madden NFL11

Don’t want to go for advance levels and more reading, then just press Play Now to start the game quickly. The game beings with the CPU as your competitor. Or else you can compete with your friend as per changing the settings of the game.

Complete customization support :

The game has many options of customization. You can control anything which starts from the time to the weather and the course of gameplay. You can manage the best conditions for yourself. Also the team against which you are playing.

I will recommend you to click Play Now and start the game. Lateron you can comeback to get more details as you will get familiar with the gameplay.

Game Modes of Madden NFL11

Below there is a short detail on the different game modes information. You can go through the same to get more information on the game modes that you can play later on. It is better that you have different game modes in Madden NFF11. The best thing about the game I like is the number of teams you can choose from. That is the best part you can play and compete against your favorite team. To begin you can also choose to start play as player vs player. The game ground is very nicely prepared. You can choose a position and create a player on that place without disturbing others. That has given a option to completely utilize the gameplay and meet the needs of this game.

  • Exhibition

  • Season

  • PlayOff

  • Muliplayer

Practice Mode : Best mode to begin with. Learn the controls and understand the gameplay. Playing some number of games under this mode which let your thumbs to travel moer properly over the phone.

Online Mode : Play online, compete with friends, online player, champions, etc to prove your skill. This option allows you to play games on internet. There are certain settings that you will have to follow. This game has a online network where you can play with other players and put your skill to an complete end.

Rewards :

The game consist of an reward part called as My Madden. Whatever cards you earn comes under this section. You can earn this cards by completing various levels and task in the game. The game guides you for the objectives.

Madden NFT11 Advance Guide :

This is the advance part of guide where I had tried to explain the most complex positions and controls. The thing that is a bit hard to understand is to properly judge the offensive and defensive side. The game works a bit faster and it is important to think faster at that time. Such games are best played when played on strategy base. You must learn properly the positions of offensive part and defensive part, or else you will not properly understand how to play and win. Choosing the characters when you being the game is not tough enough. Just drag your finger down and choose the right one which you want. Once you are done with the player you can choose the uniform also. Just press the uniform button on the screen and customize as you want.

The game screen is properly optimized for iPhone 4 and other version. The touch interface is enough sensitive to handle out the game easily. The fun part of the game is the coin toss which allows you to determine which one begins first. Choose your options and start playing. It is important to determine the game strategy. Because that will only help to complete the game seasons.

Understanding GameFlow :

This something really new in Madden NFL11. This makes the game much more faster. You can turn of the same from the screen at the bottom right. The GameFlow allows you to choose some pre-determine game strategy from the PlayBook. The game has a awesome settings that allows you to manage any part of the game. You can pick up a player and set the block for the same. AS you are now familiar the game beings with an flip of coin. This describes who will the be the kicker and who will be the receiver. I am going to go in more detail regarding this. It is important to get a clear idea about the basic offensive and defensive unit of your team. As you get full charge on the same, then more easily you can manage your gameplay. The game follow the regular four down cycle gameplay. Offensive part of the game lets you to decide the most proper offensive technique. You can perform pass, create gaps, and contact the receiver. A proper strategy can give you easy touchdown.

The defensive technique of the game is a another part which is important understand. It covers lots of stuff here. Compare to offensive gameplay, the defensive has much more to learn. GameFlow and the PlayBook allows you to use some ready to use statics and instant play. You must understand the stationery properly. Don’t be desperate, just follow the right tactics.

Madden NFL11 Game Tactics and Strategy

Below I am mentioning some game tactics. After playing certain number of levels in the quick mode you are definitely enough capable of playing and managing player. Do explore the game controls properly and also learn about new additions.

Tactics for the Offensive Part of the Game:

The offensive part is one of the most enjoyable parts of game. Reason you get a chance to learn the mentality of opposite team and play against the same. It takes good skills to understand the gameplay strategy of the opposite team. You can keep a close watch to understand you opponent’s weakness, and play against the same. This is what football is meant for. Remember that this is not easy. It takes time to understand the same and sometime hard enough to figure out the tactics. What is more enjoyable in the offensive part is passing the game properly. This is somewhat fun to do.

Middle: By this you can manage to hike the ball to Quarterback. It is possible to block the defensive line men and also you can open up a bit way between the games. You can also ensure the possible attacks and properly if lucky enough pass the blocking.

Full Back: This is mostly used to stop the half back. You can find this helpful in some of the game play.

Guarding from the Left Side: This is an important part to understand. I wll recommend you to get expertise in this. It is a kind of offensive gameplay. With this you can block or create gaps between the attack.

Tackle from the Left Side : It is an offensive lineman technique where the nearest man to the left side and guard, perform block and make much more movements.

Quaterback : This is an major part of the game where you play a major task of throwing the ball to the right place. Maximum stuff in this game is done via this part.

Guarding from the Right side : This is somewhat similar to Left Guard above . The only motive of Right and Left Guard is to provide a pass to the block and attack.

Tackling fromm the Right Side : Under this a offensive lineman lies on the right location who moves and can guard or block.

The Receivers : This are the receivers who are incharge of catching the ball at far end thrown by Quaterback.

Tactics for the Defensive Part of the Game :

Runner : This is an free runner who can pass enough properly and run properly to create a block.

Left Corner Runner : This runners runs from the left corner back who keep a ye on the motion of receiver in end who is ready to take the ball from Quaterback. The player in the area is read to avoid the pass attempt.

Left Side Defensive : More players walk in this area to provide a defensive block. They blocks the gaps and attacks here. This is played from the end side. Another part of the same tactics is Defensive Tackle from the Left side. Here the player tackles the Lineman with offensive gameplay. This is a most important part of the gameplay.

Middle Line : The Middle Linke players are the most attacked which stays in the mid. They are both on the weak and strong side of the game player. The thing is to provide a proper block against the passes.

Right Core Player : Under this you have to follow two strategies. The Corner Side and Defensive Side from the end part. Your players here keep the run with receiver. If you leave this part improperly set, then you can give a easy point to the opponent.