Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of the Two Worlds Beginner’s Guide

The wait is finally over, the much awaited sequel to legendary Marvel vs Capcom 2 has arrived. After you are done having a first causal look at all your favorite characters in the game, its time now to be more serious so that you can have a win or so in your kitty.

So to help you out in this regard, we have a very quick beginner’s guide which gives you in-dept knowledge about all the basics of Marvel vs Capcom 3 in-order to get you ready for the big battles.

Marvel vs Capcom 3 screenshot

Normal Moves:

First of all lets check out all the Normal Moves in the game. Before that just keep one thing in mind the below normal moves are just a general overlay for most of the characters in the game. Individual moves may differ from the below description, mostly in case to S attack.

  • Light (L): Its normally a fast, but low damage attack with short range
  • Medium (M): It is slightly slower but have more damage feature, increased range over L
  • Heavy (H): The longest reach, most damage and stun, and also the slowest attack of them all.
  • Special (S): This differ from character to character, but is usually a slow, large radius attack like H.

Many characters in the game standing or crouching S attack will launch their opponent into the air, which will allow them to perform air combos on to them. These special attack is called as “Universal Launcher”


Marvel vs Capcom 3 is entirely based on combos, especially all those combos which requires gamers involvement more than their active characters. The basic idea behind combo in Marvel vs Capcom 3 is to tie up together set of some special or basic moves in such a way that it became unblockable for the opponents when the first hit occurred.

The above thing is very much possible since every successful hits to the opponent causes a Stun (an animation) to them where they reels or winces after being hit. Any attacks (basic or special) chained together as a group (including assist attack) to bring down the opponent are called as combos.

In Marvel vs Capcom 3 basic combos are not that difficult, the combination “L L M H S” works for almost all the characters in the game, whereas complicated or special combos involves multiple assist attacks at once, making opponents juggle that too in the air etc.

Assists And Active Characters:

The next big addition made to Marvel vs Capcom 3 in comparison to traditional fighting game is “Assist Attack”. In MVC3, players can only have one of their characters active at a time, however remaining two characters can help them out in the battle by performing the Assist Attack.

Assist attacks in MVC3 is very much important as it provide players with a special opportunities for extending combos, and also to make rectification in characters offense or defense. A perfect example for this would be, a slow heavy hitter like Hagar will benefit player more if he make use of projectile based assist, since he consist of only few long range options.

If an assist attack has been made, then it must be given some short time period (few seconds only) to recharge before it can be used again.

Gamers get to select only one of the assist type attack out of the available three for each of their characters. They need to make right decision in selecting the type of assist attack for a particular character as it impact the overall performance of the team, because even a mediocre characters with perfect assist attack can do wonders for them.

Aerial Exchange:

COMMAND to perform Aerial Exchange:

For performing aerial combo, players need to press FORWARD OR BACKWARD and S

  • If player make use of S with no direction on an airborne opponent, it will result into slamming them onto the ground.
  • If player make use of LEFT or RIGHT along with S, it will perform an Aerial Exchange. What this will do is, it will quickly tags in one of your other characters midair, resulting into continue and extending their air combos. This method is of the safest and the best way to change characters. Other good use of this is that it also builds an extremely large amount of hyper meter.

Hyper Meter Basics

The Hyper Meter is placed at the bottom of the screen, players get a maximum of 5 levels of it. Gamers get access to Hyper Meter just by connecting attacks on your opponent, and also being hit by attacks of other. It is basically used to execute Hyper Combo Attacks, but can also used to make a quick character switch while blocking a move which is called “Crossover Counter”.

Crossover Counter:


For performing a Crossover counter players need to press Forward button along with Assist button that too at the time of blocking. One Crossover counter perform will consumes one bar of Hyper Meter.

Crossover counter you can say is an alternate way bring switch characters in the game, however this is not the safest way in comparison to the Aerial Exchange, but the only advantage it has over Aerial exchange is that it is the fastest.

As soon as gamers perform Crossover Counter attack while blocking, at that instant a character switch happens and a new character comes into picture with its assist attack. It is still not at all the safest means to switch a character because it is not invulnerable and can be hit as usual.

Snapback Attack

COMMAND to perform Snapback Attack:

To perform Snapback attack, Quarter circle forward (fireball motion) and an assist button

The Snapback Attack is used in the game to forcibly switch the opponent’s current character with any one of their reserve character, but it will depend upon the type of assist button player use. The best advantage of this Snapback attack is that it allow gamers to draw out a character for their opponent with low health. Other advantage is that it enable gamer to select a more favorable match all depending upon their character’s pros and cons.

Advancing Guard:

Command to perform Advancing Guard:

Player need to press two attack button to perform Advancing attack that too while blocking an attack.

Advancing Guard widely known as “push block” is nothing but a variation of blocking when performed perfectly will push the attacking player away from the defender. The plus point of this, as players push the attacker back, it make it even more difficult for them to put pressure, as they need to cover up for the lost time. Its suits best for projectile characters and also for characters with bad close quaters such as Dormammu.

X-Factor Abilities

COMMAND to activate “X-Factor”:

Press L M H and S, but keep in mind these keys should be press simultaneously.

X-Factor for a particular character is nothing but a interesting ability of a particular character that can be used for number of strategies. When player activate the X-Factor ability, it automatically increases the speed and strength of the characters, and also putting their red health bar level back to yellow. The speed and damage feature provided by X-Factor depends on the number of remaining character player have at that current instant. You cab check out the details below:

  • All 3 characters left: X-Factor will last for a total of 10 seconds
  • 2 Characters left: X-Factor will lasts for 15 seconds
  • 1 Character left: X-Factor will lasts 20 seconds, and will also provides the biggest damage/speed boost.