Here are some of the best Robot Master boss orders and routes in Mega Man 11

Mega Man games are all about replayability. You’re given a selection of eight stages in each game and can tackle them in any way you want.

Mega Man 11 is no exception since it has eight Robot Masters, all with their own unique stages awaiting the player when they start a new game.

Mega Man 11 Best Robot Master Routes

For the casual player, though, choosing which Robot Master to fight first can be a little daunting. How do you know which Robot Master weapon is the best to get first? What are their weaknesses? And what’s the hardest stage of them all?

Best Robot Master Routes

With so many different options, we’ve decided to offer a small sample of suggestions on how to tackle the eight Robot Masters depending on your skill level and preference.

The Standard Route


Order: Block Man, Acid Man, Impact Man, Bounce Man, Fuse Man, Tundra Man, Torch Man, Blast Man

Acid Man has arguably the hardest stage in the game, and he’s one of the more annoying bosses due to his Acid Barrier ability. You don’t want to fight him first because he’s hard to deal with when you only have the standard Mega Buster. Keeping this in mind, pick up his weakness (Block Man) in the first stage so you can get an annoying stage and boss out of the way early.

Bounce Man’s stage is equally hard, but it’s more irritating due to the amount of bounce-related puzzles that will make your thumbs numb before long. Thankfully, this order works out well to get him out of the way in the early stages of the game.

The route is also aligned so that every proceeding boss battle is weak against the weapon you just picked up, which makes the whole game a breeze.

The Masochist Route


Order: Acid Man, Bounce Man, Torch Man, Impact Man, Tundra Man, Fuse Man, Blast Man, Block Man

Why would you try to make things easy on yourself when you can dive into the deep end right away?

This route starts with some of the hardest Robot Masters and stages but ends on a more pleasant note with the easier ones. It also sets you up to be less likely to have a weapon that’s weak against another Robot Master for some time.

Don’t expect any hand holding here. Whip your Mega Buster out and get to work.

The Chill Route


Order: Blast Man, Block Man, Impact Man, Bounce Man,

Fuse Man, Tundra Man, Torch Man, Acid Man

This order gives new players time to get used to the game and learn the controls before taking on some of the more difficult stages. Blast Man and Block Man’s stages are relatively easy and won’t require anything that’s too strenuous.

There are a few instances where you won’t have a Robot Master’s weakness (such as Blast Man or Impact Man), but these fights shouldn’t require much extra effort.

This route also puts the more annoying stages at the end, so that casual players don’t quit before they’ve had the chance to get used to the controls.