Mega Man Legacy Collection Guide: How to defeat the Boss

Capcom has released the Mega Man Legacy Collection on Steam, PSN and Xbox. Mega Man Legacy Collection is a tribute to the 8-bit history of Capcom’s iconic Blue Bomber. Mega Man Legacy Collection covers the all new Museum Mode and new Challenge Mode. The Museum Mode contains all the collection of Mega Man’s History in pieces whereas the Challenge Mode mixes the all six pack of Mega Man’s collection.

Mega Man Legacy Collection

This guide will cover the Mega Man’s challenge mode according to the Boss order.

Mega Man 1:

The Guts Man Stage is a good to start and comparatively a lot easier than the other parts. Try using the Ice Slasher during the Fire Man’s Stage. How to use Ice slasher?

Attack 1: Fire → Bomb → Guts → Cut → Elec → Ice

Attack 2: Guts → Cut → Elec → Ice → Fire → Bomb

Mega Man 2:

The Recommended routes: The Wood Man’s Stage is way better with the Metal Blade and For the Crash Man’s Stage use the Leaf Shield. To make the stage more easy use the Crash mode before the Flash as you need to collect the ‘item 1’ in Heat’s man’s stage with ‘item 2’. How to use the Metal Blade?

Attack 1: Metal → Air → Crash → Bubble → Heat → Wood → Flash → Quick

Attack 2: Metal → Wood → Air → Bubble → Heat → Crash → Flash → Quick

Mega Man 3:

To start with we recommend to take the Magnet Man he can defend himself with the Magnet Missile and Hard Knuckle against the Large Foes as there two weakness loop in this part. You don’t get knocked back and can continue your jump if you get shot in the air using Top Spin.

Attack 1: Top → Shadow → Spark → Magnet → Hard → Snake → Gemini → Needle

Attack 2: Magnet → Hard → Top → Shadow → Spark → Snake → Gemini → Needle

Mega Man 4:

The start is very easy for the Pharaoh Man, Toad man and Skull Man. The only part difficult is for Ring Man, but for Drill Man it becomes very easy with Skull Barrier or Pharaoh shot.

Attack: Pharaoh → Ring → Dust → Skull → Dive → Drill → Toad → Bright

Mega Man 5:

The Barrier is very nice and easy for the Crystal Man and Star Man’s Stage. There’s a lot of variety in AI you can take for the first 8 Stages.

Attack: Star → Gravity → Gyro Man → Crystal Man → Napalm Man → Stone Man → Charge Man → Wave

Mega Man 6:

The Flame Man has a very stage and boss. Even with the Plant Man is easy but you have a good option with Flame Man as he has the power adaptor and you can use it to take down the Knight Man. You can use the Knight Crusher against the Large enemies. It is recommended to take the second route as the first is in the weakness order.

Attack 1: Plant Man → Tomahawk → Yamato → Knight → Centaur → Wind → Flame → Blizzard

Attack 2: Flame → Knight → Blizzard → Plant Man → Tomahawk → Yamato → Centaur → Wind

Hope this guide was helpful and Enjoy with your Mega Man Legacy Collection.