Memberberries Locations – South Park: The Fractured But Whole Collectibles


In South Park Fractured but Whole, just like other collectibles, Memberberries are one of them. You don’t get any reward when you collect all 14 Memberberries, but you are rewarded with a title – Master Memberer. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Memberberries locations in South Park Fractured but Whole.

Memberberries Locations South Park Fractured But Whole

Memberberries Collectible Locations

Memberberries are scattered all around the town and once you encounter them they will ask you to remember a pop culture back when everything was good. These berries are very tiny and purple in color and you might miss them easily.

Memberberries in Church

Once you head inside the church you will find your very first Memberberry just outside the confessional on the left.

Memberberries in Stark’s Pond

Far Western side of Stark’s Pond, uncover the boat to find your second Memberberry.

Memberberries in Mephesto’s Genetics Lab

Just after ‘The Many Asses of Dr. Mephesto’ mission, check the front gate to find this little one at the end.

Memberberries in Skeeter’s Wine Bar

Once you are in the Bar, check the Closet at the back left corner.

Memberberries in Peppermint Hippo

First complete ‘The Chaos Gambit’ to hack into the back office then head backstage to use Haywire Buddy Power then grab the Memberberries from the couch.

Memberberries in Raisins

This one is hidden in a bush outside the Restaurant.

Memberberries in South Park Senior Center

Outside the Building make sure you check the Statue and next to it is your memberberries on the bench.

Memberberries in Token’s House

You must complete the ‘Operation: Blind Justice’ in order to get access to Token’s House. Once you get inside head directly inside the kitchen and grab the memberberries from the counter.

Memberberries in Bijou Theater

At the Bottom left of the theater, you will find your memberberries on a chair.

Memberberries in Hillvale Farm

In order to get access, you must use Timefart Pause(complete mission Medicinal Fried Fiasco) and move the crate to box and continue until you find your memberberries in the forest.

Memberberries in Steed

Climb to the Upper level and on the back right corner, you will find this little memberberries.

Memberberries in Kevin Stoley’s House

Complete ‘The Chaos Gambit’ mission to unlock the Haywire Buddy Power first. Now use the power to access the garage and climb the ladder to get inside the house. Simply towards the living room and grab the memberberries from the table.

Memberberries in Bebe’s House

Once inside Bebe’s House, check the kitchen’s back left corner to collect the memberberries.

Memberberries in Post Office

Inside the Post Office, check the Back wall inside and grab your final memberberries.