Metal Gear Online How to Customize Characters

 Metal Gear Online How to Customize Characters

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Character Customization is used to create and give a unique look to your character. There are various unlockables for headgears, unique Headgears, Chest Gear, Base and Accessories for different Classes. These are unlocked automatically as you keep progressing in the game. Here is everything you need to know about Character Customization in Metal Gear Online.

Metal Gear Online

Some Items are already available by default whereas some you need to unlock as progress. The List is given below to show which items will be available and the cost for every class.


The Headgears you use in the game are just cosmetic, they do not have any additional benefit. They can be purchased once available.

Universal Gear

  • Pilot Headset(Unlocked by Default)
  • Plated Ski Mask(Unlocked by Default)
  • Helmet and Visor(Unlocked by Default)
  • Baseball Cap(50 GP)
  • Skull Cap(50 GP)
  • Beret(10,000 GP)
  • Busker Cap(50 GP)

Infiltrator Gear

  • Tactical Mask(300 GP)
  • Respirator(300 GP)
  • Reinforced Face Mask(3,000 GP)

Scout Gear

  • Integrated Headset(300 GP)
  • Targeting Monocle(300 GP)
  • Targeting Headset(3,000 GP)

Enforcer Gear

  • Heavy Respirator(300 GP)
  • Typhoon Type-K(300 GP)
  • V0-R 3.ES(3,000 GP)

Unique Headgear

As you Progress in the game these will start appears in your customization menu.

Metal Gear REX Helmet from Metal Gear Solid


Crocodile Helmet from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater


Fish Helmet


Squid Helmet


Chest Gear

Similar to the Headgear these Chest Gear have no additional benefits when you equip them on your character.

Universal Gear

  • Tactical Vest(Unlocked by Default)
  • Chest Rig(Unlocked by Default)
  • Plate Vest(Unlocked by Default)

Infiltrator Gear

  • Cold Weather Vest(500 GP)
  • Minimalist Vest(500 GP)
  • Stealth Armor(500 GP)
  • Heavy Chest Plate(500 GP)

Scout Gear

  • Shoulder Hoodie(500 GP)
  • Tactical Hoodie(500 GP)
  • Tactical Scarf(500 GP)
  • Canvas Jacket(500 GP)

Enforcer Gear

  • Interwoven Vest(500 GP)
  • Heavy Plated Vest(500 GP)
  • Carrier Vest(500 GP)
  • Rigid Blast Vest(500 GP)

Base Gear

The Other pieces which you add your character are called as the Base Gear. These have no additional benefits like the other Gears.

Universal Gear

BDU(Unlocked by Default)

Infiltrator Gear

  • IGA Tactical Gear(1,000 GP)

Scout Gear

  • LRR Concealment(1,000 GP)

Enforcer Gear

  • Hardened Battle Gear(1,000 GP)


The Accessories has cosmetic effects on your character which covers your eyewear. These are universal for all classes.

  • Aviators(500 GP)
  • J.F.Rey Ocelot Gear(10,000 GP)
  • J.F.Rey Hideo Gear(10,000 GP)
  • Pilot Goggles(50 GP)
  • Ski Goggles(50 GP)
  • Eyepatch(300 GP)