Metal Gear Online Infiltrator Class Tips

 Metal Gear Online Infiltrator Class Tips

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The Metal Gear Online is divided into 3 classes the Infiltrator, The Scout and The Enforcer. Each Class has its own distinct play style and as you progress in the game you level up and unlock new enhanced perks and weapons off course. Here are the Tips for the Infiltrator Class Player in Metal Gear Online.

Metal Gear Online

Infiltrator Class

This class is the most difficult then the Scout and the Enforcer class. A slight mistake and the game can change in this mode. The Only way to win in this class is by locating an enemy, subdue them, interrogate them, then Fulton them out or kill them. But here is the twist if enemies have located you they will surround you and do the same with you.

How to Win with Infiltrator Class

The Basic need here is the Stealth Camouflage as it help you go invisible for a short amount of time. As I mentioned that it is the basic need, the stealth camouflage also has a disadvantage if the enemies are observant, so you must only use to sneak around the corners.

You must use the Stealth camouflage more often to get used to it and master it. Thus you can easily locate the enemies, sneak and get the upper hand over them. Now don’t always be in a hurry to kill them, you main objective is an interrogation, once you are done with the first part you’ll notice the nearby enemies are highlighted for several seconds. These highlighted enemies are also seen by our team so they can take them easily(if they are nearby).

To Win the Infiltrator you must you one of the approach: Close-Quarter Gunner which uses a silenced or short-range gun to ambush enemies and the second is the CQC Melee assassin that uses agility and takedowns to incapacitate enemies before fultoning them.

Weapons used in Infiltrator Class

The main goal here is to grab and subdue enemies, so the weapons you choose must be the one your are absolutely confident with or we recommend close range weapons, like Shotguns and Submachine Guns. These are majorly used for close combat over 10-15 meters is going to be an issue. These close range weapons will tear through your foes. As I said weapon can be any you are good with and to play with a proper plan.