Metal Gear Online PC – Fixes for Session Disconnected Issue

 Metal Gear Online PC – Fixes for Session Disconnected Issue

Metal Gear Online is available on PC and there are few players who are facing some server issue. ‘You have been disconnected from session’ is the most common issue in Metal Gear Online. This Metal Gear Online Guide will show you how to fix the Session Disconnection issue in few simple steps.

Fixes for Session Disconnected Issue

This Trick should fix it for the temporary basis until Konami sends an update patch or permanent fixes for this issue. So Let’s begin with the Fixes for Metal Gear Online PC.

How to Fix Session Disconnected Issue

Step 1:

Allow your App(MGO) run through Firewall

Step 2:

In Firewall settings, Click on “Change Settings”

Step 3:

Scroll Down to locate MGSVTPP and check if its marked on Public nad Private

Step 4:

If Not then, click “Allow another app” and search the directory for MGS(mgsvmgo)

Step 5:

Check you Antivirus is not blocking any or these app. If so then simply turn off your shield for MGO.

Step 6:

It’s Done for the basic issues, now let’s focus on the Main part.

Forwarding the Port

This Fix will definitely solve your issue. All you need to do is forward your port and it can be done by visiting this PortForwarding site. Here you will have the “list of routers”. Locate your router(Name) and then press CTRL+F to find “Metal Gear”.

Before we proceed you must have logged into yr Router settings which can be found in the start menu, type “CMD” and run as administrator(right-click). Type “ipconfig” and press enter, the “Default getaway number is your router settings, copy and paste it into your browser search.

This will open up your Router settings, insert your username and password and then follow the steps given on the on PortForwarding site. If you followed the right instructions then it will take you Here and then you Ports are forwarded to “3478,4379-4380,27000-27050” which will help you from crashing and throwing out of the server issue.