Metal Gear Online Scout Class Tips

 Metal Gear Online Scout Class Tips

The Metal Gear Online is divided into 3 classes the Infiltrator, The Scout and The Enforcer. Each Class has its own distinct play style and as you progress in the game you level up and unlock new enhanced perks and weapons off course. Here are the Tips for the Scout Class Player in Metal Gear Online.

Metal Gear Online

The Scout Class is well balanced and mainly focused on marking enemies from a distance. For Players who are best with snipers will have the upper hand with Scout Class. So we divide the Scout Class into Scout Support and Sniper.

Scout Support Strategies:

So to Start with the Loadout, you must carry one heavy weapon like the sniper or the Rifle you are good with. Make sure your Weight does not cross above 14. As you see the marking with the loadout the ‘D’ represents the slowest movement and ‘S’ as the Fastest movement so better Load wisely.

Be a good supporter as they can change the tide of battle if it works well with the team. Always watch their back and stick close to them to help locate hidden targets. If you ain’t close then someone might stun and Fulton you giving the enemies the extra tickets. So be Careful and stick with the team.

Scout Sniper Strategies:

If you are good at camping then you know what exactly you need to work on. Snipers mainly focus on Long-range take downs and help your team mates as well by marking the enemies. You can either take them down or let you team mates do the needful. Prevent your teammates from be full-toned by the enemies and gain extra tickets so keep marking them as fast as possible.